Zerowaste Camping

For lovers of the outdoors, it?s the best time of year. Warm temperatures and blue skies make being outside a treat, and for those of us who really love immersing ourselves in nature, camping is the activity of choice. Besides being a great family activity and lots of fun, camping is the perfect opportunity to get a break from your busy life. While we should aim to reduce waste every day, camping is the ideal time to produce as little waste as possible?it?s the best way to show your appreciation for the natural environment. With a little thought and preparation, zerowaste camping is a cinch.

On the way?

Before you even begin your camping adventure, you have to get to your campsite of choice. That may require some travelling, and any road trip is ten times better with snacks. Instead of buying snack-size bags of chips, buy in bulk (or make your own!) and pack your snacks in gogoBags snack bags. If you?re looking for a healthier alternative, the bags are also a sustainable way to bring along fruits and veggies.

Zerowaste?Camping Gear

Whether you?re an old pro or a total camping newbie, the need for new camping gear will pop up from time to time. Try shopping at secondhand stores or yard sales for treasures that need a new home. You may come across some awesome finds, and you?ll be producing less waste in the process.


Fresh, nutritious meals

While you?re camping, you definitely want to keep your energy levels up. One of the best ways to do that is by eating delicious meals packed full of fruits and veggies. You might be worried that your produce will wilt or go bad, but putting them in gogoBags Fresh Bags in a cooler will keep them looking and tasting great. You can save any leftover cuttings for composting when you return home.


Activities under the trees

If you?re camping with kids, napping by the river or birdwatching might not be lively enough. Bring along some of their favourite activities, like coloring books?store small supplies in your extra sandwich-size gogoBags. In larger spaces, you could also enjoy some lighthearted competition in the form of frisbee or badminton.


Reusable water bottles

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but in the moment it can be easy to pick up a pack of plastic water bottles for your trip. Reusable water bottles are way more eco-friendly and can often keep your drinks colder for longer. Many campsites have free water available for campers, so filling up and staying hydrated is still simple.


Zerowaste camping isn?t difficult and can only make you feel better about your time spent in the wilderness. If you try it for the first time and mess up here and there, don?t worry about it too much?you?re trying, and it?ll get easier and easier as time goes on. In the meantime, enjoy all that this beautiful world has to offer.

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