Zero Waste Lunch, Success Blueprint

Thank you for reading my story of zero waste lunch success blueprint in the Dynamic Women Succes Secrets! book.

As I mentioned in my story, my switch to a waste-free lunch system was completely accidental. I only meant to survive kindergarten lunches zero waste style. That was 9 years ago! Since then we saved at more than 6500 plastic bags from the landfill. I have to say it was quite effortless to do this. The system I created was working for me and our lifestyle, and it was easy for my children to follow too. Zero waste lunches could be easy as A B C when you have the right tools for your lifestyle.

Looking back, I just did things that worked for me, my family and our lifestyle. Today I’m proud to run a 95% zero waste kitchen. But I did it in small manageable chunks. Starting with litter-less lunches.

You too can create your own family’s “Zero Waste Lunch Success Blueprint”

All you need is the following:

  1. Your habits around the kitchen. The amount and type of waste you create weekly on average.
  2. What comes easy for you to use? Bags? Containers? What type of closure and material you are more comfortable to use?
  3. What is your preferred way of cleaning? Hot or cold water? Dishwasher or washer/dryer?
  4. What are your numbers? On average how many bags and containers your family uses for school lunches in a week?

Now you can put together an effortless zero-waste lunch system that the whole family can follow.  Reducing waste your way is more sustainable than following someone else!


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