Zero Waste Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It?s just about a week until Father?s Day, which means there will inevitably be some last minute scrambling for a gift for dad. Holidays can seem tricky when it comes to reducing waste, but there are lots of options that make it easy to have a zero-waste celebration. Before making the mad dash to the store and scanning the aisles for the elusive perfect gift, remember that, first and foremost, Father?s Day is about showing dear old dad that you love and appreciate him. There are lots of fun ways to celebrate him without contributing to landfills.

Break out your artistic skills, create a masterpiece

zero waste father's day ideas - art

All you need is a piece of paper and some art supplies of your choice to make your dad an awesome card that comes straight from the heart. You could even draw/paint him a picture of something he loves. If you?re not confident in your artistic abilities but have a great idea, go for it?even if it?s just some stick figures, Dad will love it if it comes from you.

Send Dad to a memorable event?

zero waste father's day gift ideas -memorable event

Some of the best gifts a person can give are the ones that result in great memories. Instead of getting Dad a tangible present, getting him something he can do will be far more meaningful than something that gathers dust on a shelf. Think things like baseball games, amusement parks, or comedy shows. There are great options for every personality of dad, and every experience can be shared with you and the rest of your family.

Put on an apron and summon your inner Top Chef

zero waste father's day gift ideas chef in you

Who doesn?t love a delicious meal? Pamper your dad by making him his favourite foods. He?ll appreciate getting a yummy meal without the hassle of going to a restaurant, and you get to have fun messing around in the kitchen. Don?t forget to compost your food scraps!

Take advantage of the great outdoors

zero waste father's day gift ideas - hiking with dad

If you?re looking for a more cost-effective option, taking your dad on a hike is a perfect opportunity to bond and get some fresh air. You can show him some of your favourite trails and pack a delicious lunch to share while hanging out in a beautiful place.

Wrap your gifts creatively and sustainably

zero waste father's day gift ideas - wrap your gift in gogoBags

Against all odds, you somehow found the perfect gift for your dad. Instead of buying wrapping paper or a gift bag that will just get thrown away, try a different method of wrapping the present. A great option is gogoBags, which can be reused for many different things?you may want to steal them from Dad for yourself. You could also use old newspapers, which you can recycle afterwards, or even patterned fabric from old clothes.

Our ultimate zero waste father’s day gift idea

zero waste father's day gift ideas - love you dad


Just be there for dad, make sure he knows you are there to love him and care for him when he needs it.


Now that you have tips on how to have a great zero-waste Father?s Day, don?t be afraid to get creative and try something new. Whatever you decide to do for your dad, you can be sure that he?ll appreciate the thought that went into it and the time he gets to spend with you.


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