Zero-Waste Challenge in the Community


After going through your household with your list of zero-waste challenge activities, it is time to venture outside and into the community! Have you been successful so far? Are you ready?

Good Morning!

Firstly, most of us start the day with a cup of coffee or tea. For those on the run, bringing your own coffee cup is just the beginning. Or you can brew your coffee the French-pressed way….Remember that you can reuse the coffee grinds in your garden! That’s right, you can grow a herb garden to use in your cooking instead of buying prepackaged herbs from the supermarket. For those tea drinkers, using reusable cotton teabags for loose tea leaves is the other way to relax in the morning.

Day to Day Zerowaste

Zerowaste challenges in the community also extends to our water supply. One way you can reduce wasting water by putting a pail in your shower to collect water during showers. Then you can use this water to water your garden and plants.

For the fruits and vegetables that you need to purchase for your meals, remember to bring some mesh bags to use, instead of using plastic bags. If the mesh bags or other household items begin to break, try to mend or repair them. If they are beyond repair, remember to recycle them.


End of the Day

At the end of the day, let us challenge ourselves to produce less waste, by buying less and saying no to unnecessary freebies!




13 thoughts on “Zero-Waste Challenge in the Community”

  1. Great and simple ideas
    We’re organising a group shop to highlight the single use plastic problem, with us all removing excess at the til and leaving it there plus some other points to raise…. No doubt there’ll be a blessing g post xx

  2. Love these quick & easy ideas for reducing waste! I also use a stainless steel tea ball for infusing a cup of tea – it’s easy to wash & can be reused forever. Spent tea leaves can also go into the compost for the garden. Speaking of gardening, I use my empty cardboard egg cartons for starting seeds – works perfectly!

  3. Definitely agree with buying less and making less waste! But I think business create a lot more than individuals so perhaps joining something like Food Not Bombs is a great idea too!

  4. Great ideas! I would have never thought about using a pail to collect shower water. I do use buckets to collect water from the downspouts on the house to water with. I wish I could afford the barrels to put there, but just can’t. I’m going to have to look into collecting shower water to use as well!

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