Year End Teacher Gift Ideas

As the school year comes to a close, it’s easy to get lost in the frenzy that is your kids getting ready for summer vacation. In those final days of school, try not to forget the people that have been watching, teaching, and helping your kids to grow over the previous seven or eight months, teachers. Good teachers can have a lifelong impact on your kids, so it’s nice to show appreciation for all the hard work that they put into their job. One way to do this is by getting them an end-of-year gift, but when it comes to making it zero waste, you might not be sure where to start. Luckily there are many easy and fun possibilities, and involving your kids in the process will make the gift even more meaningful.

Potted plant

Simple and cost-effective, plants can be a lovely, unique gift. Try shopping for the perfect plant at your local farmers’ markets opt for something that’s easy to take care of (the teachers are going to be on vacation, after all). If the plants come in plastic pots, ask if you can return the empty pot after you move the plant to a sturdier pot so that it can be reused. For a personal touch, get a plain flowerpot and have your child decorate it.

Baked goods

If you’re a wizard in the kitchen, a delicious treat like cookies or fresh-baked bread would be well-received by any recipient. Gift the bread in the gogoBags Fresh Bread Bag so the gift lasts long past the time it takes for the delighted teacher to gobble down the goodies.

Coffee set

Thanks to early mornings with a full classroom to run, many teachers are well-acquainted with coffee. Pick up a plain coffee mug and let your kid create a design with markers; afterward, bake the mug so the design won’t wash off. For more detailed instructions, check out this blog post. To complete this gift, pair the mug with a bag of sustainably sourced, eco-friendly coffee.

Gift card?

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift card. Whether your child’s teacher uses it to get herself a fuzzy blanket or school supplies, the opportunity to splurge a little will surely be appreciated. Keep an eye out for biodegradable gift cards, which can be put in a hole in the ground to break down after they are used up.

Homemade body scrub and lotion

If you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at making a body scrub and lotion set, with natural ingredients like shea butter and essential oils. Recruit your kids for help and use short, wide mouth mason jars to store your creations in. Once the final product is ready, present the jars in a fun-patterned snack-size gogoBag.

A teacher’s job is far from easy, but a thoughtful gift will let him know that his efforts don’t go unnoticed. No matter what gift you decide on, always try to include a handwritten note letting the teacher know that you appreciate him? a few positive words from your kid would be a bonus. It seems like a small gesture, but it can help the hardworking teachers out there to see the impact they are making.

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