Welcome October!

It’s October first today! School has been going on for a month already and families are getting back in the rhythm of things. As you take a walk outside, the colours of fall as settled in. Before we focus on the festivals and celebrations that most tend to think about during the month of October, why don’t we slow down a bit?

Look around and notice all the different colours of the leaves. See how the air smells different and even feels different when you compare it to those late summer days.

Many birds are starting to migrate to the south. Listen to their calls and close your eyes. Enjoy!

As you walk around the markets, what product do you notice a lot of? Apples! There are so many different types of apples available and each type has its unique flavour. Purchase some and you can bring to work and school for a healthy snack. With the help of Gogobags, these delicious slices will keep fresh and crisp till it is time!

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