We believe in a clean future – Easy Plastic-Free Swaps to consider.  

So many of us all over the world are trying to figure out the best course of action towards maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle. These unprecedented challenges have created a new approach to how we use what we need and how we discard what we don’t. If you were on a waste-free path prior to the pandemic, you might have encountered that your lifestyle drastically changed especially while trying to stay focused on your health. As the tidal wave begins to calm, we find ourselves processing this enormous and significant experience as a collective. This is what will define us from now on and set us apart from the past: The individual response becomes as important as the collective one and community awareness takes the central stage.

For us right now, our part is providing a place of hope where we can be an encouragement to one another. We are working hard to produce masks so that we can avoid waste, allow sufficient stock of the disposable ones for Frontline Workers and stay healthy, together.

In the midst of hard days like these, we believe more than ever there is room for connection, reflection, and inspiration. We want to look back on this time knowing we clung to hope and loved well, embracing all that our health and the health of this planet represents for everyone, today and all the days to come.


Here are 5simple swaps we can help you with to continue in a plastic, waste-free mindset during these regenerating times:

1 – Mesh Produce Bags instead of plastic bags.


We’ve created the softest, strongest most flexible bags we could source with material that is made to last. They include a string closure and they are very easy to care for, just rinse and lay or hang to dry. These will keep all the produce plastic bags away from landfills in an easy and effortless way.




gogoBags tea bag

2 – Reusable Cotton Tea Bags instead of regular tea bags.


If you are a Tea drinker we encourage you to try reusable bags with your loose leaf tea. It is an easy and convenient way to avoid waste while staying healthy,





3 – Reusable Snack Bags instead of plastic bags.


These are for all your snacks and sandwiches to go. We have created the signature Snack Bag Set to make our lives easier and have an amazing tool to stop waste. These multi-purpose bags come in a variety of prints for the entire family and they have become a favourite as well.



4 – Fresh Salad Bags to avoid food waste.


One of the biggest concerns in our household was food waste. Since we created the Fresh Salad Bags that have been one less worry on our minds. These bags are specially designed to keep greens fresher for longer, up to 10 days and they help you purchase lettuce without plastic wrapper because you know once you get home it will be kept fresh.




5 – Reusable Masks instead of disposable ones.


We have been providing hundreds of masks for our community and we are honored and humbled to be able to do so. In a time of change and defiance, staying true to our convictions has played a huge role. Thank you for your support.




We wish you a happy weekend, be sure to come back each Saturday for a new Blog Post on wellness, eco-awareness and to share our passion for a sustainable future.






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