Top 5 Valentine’s Day Treat And Recipes

All celebrations involve food. Valentine’s day treat is one of my favourites to play with and an easy way to tell someone you love them, especially when it comes to children. My all-time Valentine’s Day treat is pink Macarons and my go-to easy one is heart shaped grill cheese sandwich.

Our favourite?Valentine’s Day Treats

1-Hear Shaped Grill Cheese Sandwich

This one is my go-to shaped sandwich any time of the year really. But it makes so much sense to send heart-shaped grill cheese sandwich to school or for an after-school snack. It is fun and a nice way to show your love, a perfect Valentine’s day treat or lunch! I can imagine these sandwiches in our reusable Unicorn print sandwich bags. A little girl’s magical sandwich :)??Check out the recipe

2- Macaron

Macarons are my all time favourite?Valentine’s day treat. There is something about them that screams romance and love. Bonus, they are gluten-free, perfect for your?gluten-free special someone. I have made them from scratch twice first time they turned out perfect, the second time I was not as patient and of course didn’t have the same result. Although these are very delicate treats they can still be carried in our cotton reusable snack bags.?? Check out the recipe

3-No Bake heart-shaped granola bites

This is a hearty full of goodness, recipe, perfect for introducing granola bar to those picky eaters who refuse the bar. Maybe they try it for the heart shape. A perfect bite size healthy Valentine’s Day treat for kids and adults, and a perfect fit for our snack bags. You can fit 4 or 5 of these yummy treats in a gogo snack Bag.

Check out the recipe


4-Heart Sandwich Cookies

I love the quickness of this recipe. A quick Valentine’s day treat fix.? Check out the recipe

However, I like to bake from scratch and not mixes, if you are like me, you will enjoy this video.


5-Stamped cookies

Ok, how cool are these cookies? Personally, I haven’t made these but I’m going to try them for other occasions as I’m too late for making any more Valentine’s Day treat at this time 😀

Check out the recipe


It’s the little gestures and thoughtfulness that counts and brings us closer. Mix it with a smile, a kiss, and a sweet treat and you’ve got Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Disclaimer: I don't have any affiliate with the linked websites. These links are chosen only because?I liked their recipe and used a few of them before.?




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