Valentine’s Activities Ideas: The Zero-waste Way

Here we are at the beginning of February. The supermarkets and social media starts to remind us that is time for Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, this day often focuses on the topic of romantic love. However, in the modern-day settings, this day can be celebrated differently.

Valentine’s Day is for everyone. Besides for couples that are romantically involved, it is also a day to show love for your neighbours, family, friends and even, strangers. Let us think about some Valentine’s Day activities to do! Many of the activities can be waste-free and not as commercialized.

Have A Drink, My Love

Drink Up, My Love!

One of the most common activities that many enjoy is having a coffee or tea date at your local café. You can invite one or a few of your loved ones to spend some intimate time together. You can also treat them to some delicious bite. Look for organically grown coffee and tea leaves. As you leave the café, you can pick up a cup of hot coffee and a muffin to share with the fellow sitting on the corner outside.

If you prefer to stay home, you can invite your loved one for a home-cooked meal. Imagine having a few close friends and having a Valentine’s Day potluck where you can introduce some new flavours.

For friends with little children, Valentine’s Day can be lots of fun too. First of all, if the weather permits, have a Valentine’s Day picnic! Bring your snacks and treats in your reusable cloth bags. Serve your drinks in reusable glass mason jars and cups. Don’t forget to pick up any garbage afterwards.

In our next post, we will be sharing some zero-waste gift ideas from the heart.



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