Unique Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day is coming up! As the day gets closer and closer, there are many advertisings with lists of Father’s Day gifts. Fortunately, our local communities are organizing quite a few very unique Father’s Day activities for that weekend.

Let’s Be Unique

After doing a bit of digging and research, here is a list of some very unique celebrations:

  • Car-free Days: – The Denman Street Car-free Event is happening on Saturday with lots of music, yoga demonstrations and live entertainment. On Sunday, the largest Car-free event is the Main Street one. This one spans over 20 blocks with extended restaurants, mini beer gardens, live bands and food trucks!
  • Surrey Greek Food Festival: – This festival actually is ending at the end of the day for Father’s Day. The event is free, however, you need to pay for the food. The menu consists of chicken and pork souvlaki, calamari, spanakopita, Greek coffee, Greek beer, loukoumades (donuts) and of course, baklava!
  • B.C. Highlands Games and Scottish Festival: – This event is happening on Saturday in Coquitlam. There is an entrance fee requirement. Therefore, there is some very unique activities. For example, there are whiskey tastings! Scottish sports competitions like Weight Over Bar, Sheaf Toss and Caber Toss sounds like fun!
  • Sasquatch Days: – Imagine seeing hundreds of First Nations families with their war canoes, ready to race! This event is run by the village of Harrison Hot Springs and the Sts’ailes First Nations.


If you prefer more traditional Father’s Day activities, you can visit the Burnaby Village Museum on Sunday. Admission is free and you can admire some vintage motorcycles and classic cars!

Lastly, for the fisherman at heart, it is also the B.C. Family Fishing Weekend! Both salt and freshwater licenses are free during this period.

So many activities to do during the Father’s Day weekend! If you could choose, which one do you like the best?

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