To Our Teachers, Thank You for This Past Year

Imagine being with the same group of people in a room for ten whole months…. That is exactly what your children’s teacher is going through this past year. They get to see their students around eight hours a day. This is definitely more time spent than with their own parents! Some teachers are lucky and have a teacher’s assistant, but many do not have an assistant. This situation adds to the mental and emotional strain for the teacher. Many educators spend an extra hour each day before and after school hours to get more done. They often take extra work back home and the parents have absolutely no idea about it. What is going on?

Teachers On Top of Teaching

Here is a list of activities that teachers must do on top of the educational or lesson time:

• Grading papers
• Lesson preparation
• Supervision
• Discipline
• Emails

Another stressful aspect is the fact that some teachers have to teach more than one subject. Sometimes, a teacher is obligated to teach a subject even if that subject is not their strength. Lack of suitable staffing is certainly one of the main issues. Therefore, that teacher must do extra preparation work and grading work for that extra subject too!

As a parent myself, I value and appreciate the hard work that our teachers put in each year. Some schools require parents to volunteer and help out at the school. This may seem like a hassle at first. However, each and every time a parent helps to cut those cute shapes for a classroom activity or help volunteer for supervision of the students at a field trip, helps support the classroom. The teacher is able to focus more on teaching the course with less distraction.

In conclusion, why not spend some time to look for a unique and eco-friendly gift to give to your children’s teacher? Show that you care for the environment too!

Do you remember what you gave at the end of the year in the past?

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