Ten Must-Do Outdoor Activities Before School Starts

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It’s the middle of August already! What happened? Where did the time go? Did you get to do everything you wanted to do with the children? Many young ones were busy with summer school or camps. Therefore, they spent a lot of time huddled indoors working on their indoor activities. Since the weather is still sunny and very peasant in most places, let us think about what else we can do outdoor! Depending on the age of the children, you may pick and choose which one is more suitable for your family.

Ten Must-Do Outdoor Activities Before School Starts

1) Go on a hike: First of all, do some research before you go to make sure that the demands of the trail matches the endurance level of the children and especially, your own.
2) Shop at your local farmer’s market: It is wonderful for the children to learn where their food and produce comes from by talking with the farmers themselves. Also, vendors showcase their homemade jams and delicious goods too. The children can learn that not all food comes from factories.
3) Take the bike out: Most the time the bicycles at our house is hidden away for most of the year. But, since the sun has been shining, the children try to take them out as much as possible.
4) Visit the local library: When was the last time that you visited the library? For most neighbourhood, there should be a library close to home or even a bike ride away.
5) Have a picnic: You can pack up some sandwiches and some reusable water bottles and head to a lovely lawn outside! It can be at the park or just outside your own lawn too.

6) Berry picking: There are many blackberry bushes around the city, so we usually can visit our friends and families and pick some berries anywhere. You can even visit those U-Pick Berry and Cherry Farms and make that a day trip too.
7) Dine at Dusk: The daylight time is getting shorter, but it is still quite bright at dinner time. Why not have an earlier dinner at the beach and watch the sun go down….?

Feeling Creative?

Murals in our city…

8) Art Installations: Summer time is the best time to slow down and search for the different art works that the city has commissioned to be put up. Walk up close and notice how each piece is put together.
9) Admire the Murals: Our city is very fortunate that there are parts of the city that official murals are decorating the walls of warehouses. They are meant to be walked up to and photographed too!

10) Finally, JUST GO OUTDOOR!:
Even if you only stand outside your front door and take a moment to savour the last couple weeks of the summer sun.

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