Special Ways to Save Money for Christmas


It is too late to feel regretful about not starting to do your Christmas shopping early. What can you do? No need to panic. It is only November, and there is still some time left. There are special ways to deal with this. Besides the lack of time, the other issue is the concern of budget. Depending on how many people you have to purchase this Christmas, this gift-giving often comes with a hefty price tag.

The commercialization of Christmas holidays has been falsely marketed at a time to get your loved ones the special present. From expensive jewellery to super high-tech toys for the children, each year I notice that the advertisements of television and even social media can be a little overwhelming. I am not passing judgement for those who are capable and chose to purchase these extravagant presents. That is their choice.


3 Special Ways

1. Pool resources: Letโ€™s say, for example, a university student is in search of a laptop of his education. A few of his closed friends may gather together and split the cost of the laptop.
2. Christmas Markets: I like to visit Christmas Markets to look for unique and inexpensive gifts. Many of the vendors make their own items. Shopping for local small businesses helps our local economy.
3. Use social media: Signing up for the e-newsletters of your favourite online shops and vendors often gives you the newest deals that are only for their subscribers. Be on the lookout for the different advertisements that businesses often start to post in November on their various social media platforms. You can even use your own chat groups to share what sorts of deals with your friends so that they can save some money too!


This holiday season, thinking and using special ways to save money can be a challenging, but very rewarding experience. Remember to also share this information with the younger ones too.

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