Holiday Shopping Locally Benefits Everyone

What it Means to Shop Locally

Holiday shopping in local shops benefits everyone, but what does that mean? Shopping locally means holiday shopping at your local independent shops, like farmer’s markets, crafts markets and smaller boutiques. One may wonder the reason why we should purchase  goods and services for sometimes higher prices, whereas one can obtain similar items for a lower price at the big box stores. Let us review some of the reasons why we are making the correct choice whenever we acquire our holiday goods and services from local businesses.

Benefits to the Community

Firstly, local businesses tend to employ local workers who tend to have more knowledge of the items that the shop sells. Therefore, the employees should have better customer service since they are more familiar with the goods. Secondly, these local staff members know that there is a great chance of encountering the local customers, hence, the attention to customer service. Thirdly, during the holiday season, local businesses love to invest back into the local charities. Small businesses develop an attachment to the community. They will stay within the neighbourhood, whereas big box stores often leave without a warning.

Benefits to the Locals

In the first place, having an increase of local employees means a decrease of commute for them. These employees can walk, or ride a bike to work, instead of driving. As a result, a decrease in congestion and air pollution. Furthermore, we as customers, can influence the variety and competition of these holiday purchases through our choices. Unique items in these small businesses can help create a special characteristic to your local community.

Most importantly, this is also known as the multiplier effect. As we all spend our hard-earned money as our local shops, we can all help boost our local economy!

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