Season of Spring: Pondering on the End of Spring Break

Has it been two weeks already? During this spring season, for families with little children, it is time to get ready to go back to school. Some families went on vacations or getaways, while others spent their time at spring break day camps. For these families, there is an obvious time stamp for the end of spring break.

Just because it is the end of spring break, does not mean that it is a sad event. Spring break is a wonderful time to take a quick break from the classroom from the seclusion of winter. Spring time is the beginning of the lifecycle for many plants and animals.

The Sun is Out

For the rest of the season, there are a few thoughts that you can think about as you walk around. Why not take a stroll around the neighbourhood and slow down. Since the sun is out and the blue skies are visible now, do you notice that the daffodils are blooming? What other types of flowers and plants do you see flourishing? Perhaps you have planted some bulbs in your garden last season, how are they doing?

Since the sun is out, the weather is also warmer. Instead of going out and purchasing a new spring wardrobe of clothes, take a look in your storage. It is to really time to put your thick winter coats and heavy snow boots away. You can also visit your local consignment stores for new inspirations to add to your spring style.

Spring is not a long season in our part of the Northern Hemisphere. Our Winter season seems like an eternity, with snowfall STILL happening a month ago. Hence, spring time is a lovely reminder that no matter how long the winter coldness is, all that shall end and spring will come.


15 thoughts on “Season of Spring: Pondering on the End of Spring Break”

  1. Loved reading through this post! It’s made me even more excited for spring and spring weather… If that’s even possible haha πŸ˜€

  2. Enjoyed your post. I love spring and always wait for it, your post and the images made me more excited about the season. Thanks for sharing a colorful post πŸ™‚

  3. I love your lively blog about Spring! Your pictures are colorful and vibrant. Spring is my favorite season! Thanks for sharing such an uplifting blog!

  4. Spring is always been one of my favorite seasons of the year and this post is amazing. Even I recently wrote a blog about spring. Loved your post. Keep going, dear…

  5. Spring season always has a special spot in my heart because of its vibe and this post is amazing. Even I recently wrote a blog about spring. Loved your post. Keep going, dear…

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