School Time: Two Tips for a More Ecofriendly Back to School

Time to do some back to school shopping!! But, isn’t that not a good thing? Spending more money and not very environmentally-friendly? Honestly, looking into the past, as a young student myself, I remember how much I loved to purchase new supplies each year to start school…. It’s a time to have something different from the last school year. As a parent now, I believe that it’s all about balance, to find a happy medium. Therefore, there are ways that you can be frugal and fabulous for the environment.

Two Back to School Ideas

First of all, depending on the individual child and family situation, you are welcome to pick and choose which idea to follow or perhaps leave for next time. Remember that any little action you choose to help protect the Earth, makes a difference, no matter how insignificant it may seem

Here you are:
1) Pens and pencils: As a family, look around the house and collect all the random stationary that are lying around. How many times have you seen a pen or pencil hidden in the corner of the sofa? Time to grab a bucket and collect them like Easter eggs! Once you are finished, sharpen the pencils, and double check if the pens still have ink in them. It’s important to remind the students to replace the caps of highlighters and markers to prevent them from drying up prematurely.

Another great idea is to introduce the use of fountain pensbecause they are refillable. All you needed to buy is the ink!

2) Back to School Outfits: Before you decide to venture to your nearest shopping mall, it’s time to take a good look into your child’s wardrobe. If your child is older, it’s a good idea to ask them to sort out what they no longer wear first. You can take these clothes (and your own pieces too) and have a clothing swap among your friends! Most of the children of my friends are younger, so I just gift them the clothes. I often remind my children to take care of their clothes, so that the clothes will have a longer lifespan.

In conclusion, both of these actions will help save some money and be more conscious about our environment at the same time. To be honest, just focus one step at a time. Be creative and you will discover the joys of being frugal and friendly to our Earth!

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