Safety Month For The Family: Ready for Summer??

Safety Month For The Family: Ready for Summer??

The end of June is here, it is never too late for safety. June is National Safety Month and we need to keep this in mind for the rest of the summer. Since school is over and the weather is wonderful, the little ones are going to have a lot of time in their hands. It is time to focus on safety inside and outside of the home. Even though National Safety Month is promoted at the workplace, there are many important points that is relevant at home too. The campaign emphasizes on reducing incidences of slips, trips and falls.

Safety Inside the Home

• When you are at home, do you see those stray wires and phone cords lying around? If you do, you need to round them up and put them away. You can either tie them up or wound them up and store in reusable cloth bags.
• Summertime often mean that you may be travelling for vacations. As you are packing and organizing your luggage’s, be careful not to carry too heavy of a load. Also make sure you are able to see where you are going with those luggages.
• If your home has more than one story high, always make sure you use the handrail to go up and down the stairs.
• Decluttering the home can help reduce the the chance of tripping.

Outside the Home

• Remember to not talk or text on your cellphone while you are taking a stroll around outside.
• Watch out for those uneven grounds which you can trip on.
• When you are walking around the swimming pool, be careful to walk slowly or wear non-slip footwear.
• As you haul those camping gears around, be wary of not over straining yourself. Make sure that you can see clearly ahead of you.

How else can you prevent those accidents?

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