Reusable Snack Bags’ Different Uses

There are so many good uses for reusable snack bags aside from taking snacks on the go. You have no idea how many times I heard the phrase, ” I don’t have children at home anymore to send snacks to school”

We hear “reusable snack bags” and automatically we think it can only be used to take snacks on the go or just to send lunches to school. Wrong!

In the world that we like to reduce the plastic waste and clean up our planet, these little bags are gold for basically anything.

10 Different Every Day Uses Of Reusable Snack Bags

1- Carrying little toys on the go

using reusable snack bags to carry small toy in purse

Every mom wants to be prepared for the time that her little one is bored and needs to be entertained and kept content for a while. Carrying a reusable snack bag or two full of favourite?small toys is a zero-waste?practical way to do that.

2- Organizing desks, backpacks, drawers

using reusable snack bag to organize youth and their desk drawer

Using a few colourful reusable snack bags to help kids get their desks, backpacks, or drawers organized is fun and teaches them organization at a young age.

3- Organizing purse

Don’t we all need to organize our purse? I do have a few different snack size or sandwich size reusable bags that have organized my purse with. They are fun and discreet, no one knows what I have in my purse when I open it up. This system also makes it easy to change purse and transfer everything I need to the one that I’m using today.

4- Makeup bag

reusable snack bag used as a makeup bag

I love using reusable snack bag as makeups bags, I can use the snack size or sandwich size depending what I’m taking with me. Also, they are very easy to wash and keep clean, as you know how the makeup powders can stain everything.

5- Change purse

carrying change in reusable snack bags

We use reusable snack bags a lot as a change purse. When my kids were younger they had these to organize their coins and learn about money and saving. They had fun too as they were using their favourite prints of our reusable snack bags.

6- Feminine Hygiene products bag

Oh, the walk to the bathroom in the middle of workplace or school while you need to carry your feminine hygiene products and be discreet. We’ve all been there, do I take my purse, so I shove it into my pocket? Carrying a reusable?snack bag filled with your favourite feminine hygiene products (reusable or disposable no judgement there) is easy and discreet. You may want to be prepared to wash off people who ask for some snack though :D

Attention to moms of young girls close to puberty, this is a great way to add a care package to their backpack in case they need it in school. It’s fun, it’s discreet and if it’s a print they like, they may actually welcome it.

7- First Aid Kit in the car and to carry

first aid kit in a reusable snack bag

Every car needs to be stocked with basic first aid kit. Ours is Advil, polyisoprene, band-aid,? peppermint, tea tree, and lavender oil. We have one reusable sandwich bags filled and where kids go this first aid bag goes too.

8- Pencil bag

reusable snack bags used as pencil bag

I do love adult colouring?books and love my colouring pencils. However most times I don’t have space for a box of colouring pencils. My go-to favourite?colouring pencils are in one reusable sandwich bags with me on a hike, beach, at the pool, anywhere I might want to colour.

9- Coupon organizer

Do you clip coupons and like to carry them in your purse for when you need them the most? Having them in one reusable snack bag makes it easy to take with you anywhere and be organized.

10- Gift Bag

Finally one of my favourite uses of the reusable snack bags is to use them as gift bags. They are the perfect addition to your small size gifts, like jewellery, makeup, scarf, …

These were just a few uses of reusable snack bags. Are motivated to use reusable snack bags more? Our Snack Set sale?is still on until Friday 23rd midnight. Shop today!


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