School Lunch Set – Mustard Diamonds

Bundle includes 1 Snack Sets and 1 Utensil Bag

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School Lunch Set – Mustard Diamonds

A complete package for school days. 

The snack sets are perfect for taking snacks and lunches to school. The Utensil bag will double for taking reusable utensils to school or toothbrushes to sleepovers.

This package will help with litterless lunches for one person every day of the school week for more than 5 years. 

* Includes One Snack Sets and One Utensil bag

* Sandwich bag measures 18 x 17 cm (7″ x 7″)

* Snack bag measures  16 x 12 cm (6″ X 5″)

 * Utensil bag Measures 27 x 6 cm (11″ x 2″)

* Washer/dryer safe 

* Made with two layers of 100% cotton

* Fold-over closure

* Handmade in Vancouver


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