Reusable Tea Bag


Enjoy a cup of tea plastic free!

  • 100% cotton including threads
  • Easy to take on the go
  • Effortless replacement for tea bags
  • Doesn’t alter the taste of your tea as stainless steel does
  • Durable


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Reusable Tea Bag

gogoBags Reusable Tea Bag is specially designed to replace traditional tea bags. They are handmade in Vancouver Canada. Made with 100% unbleached cotton. We even made sure to use 100% cotton threads to avoid any polyester and nylon leaching in your tea. They are ideal to use for all sort of black and herbal tea. We also use them to flavour our soup with herbs and spices. They also make great jewellery bag.

An eco-friendly and effortless option to replace disposable tea bags.


* Includes five Reusable Tea Bags

* Measures 8 x 6 cm (3″ x 2.25″)

* Hand wash, hang to dry

* Made of 100% unbleached cotton

* Handmade in Vancouver

* Suitable for any type of black and herbal tea

* Doesn’t alter the taste of your tea like stainless steel

* Makes zero-waste lifestyle easy


Each reusable tea bag was handmade with love and you in mind. The beauty of handmade products is that each and every one of them is unique in their own way. We are proud to run a family business, supporting you in your eco-friendly lifestyle with our handmade reusable bags.


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