Citrus Fresh Salad Bag

Citrus Fresh Salad Bag

Keep washed salad greens fresh and crisp up to 10 days!

  • Save $100s on your grocery bill
  • Spend more time doing what you love
  • Enjoy veggie snacks on the go
  • Enjoy a healthy meal even on weeknights
  • Replace plastic bags effortlessly

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Citrus Fresh Salad Bag

gogoBags Orange Fresh Salad Bag is specially designed to keep salad greens and other vegetables fresh and crisp for 10 days and more in the fridge.

An eco-friendly and effortless option to replace plastic bags.


Fresh Bags extend the life of vegetables making it easy for you to :

– Prep vegetables all at once for midweek healthy meals

– Take cut vegetables for snacking on the go

– Keep cut vegetables in the fridge for healthy after school or work snack

– Buy value pack vegetables knowing you will use it all


gogoBags Fresh Bags are food-safe, waterproof and breathable the perfect combination for longer-lasting vegetables. All Fresh Bags are made with the food-safe fabric exterior lined with 100% cotton and come specially designed for a variety of vegetables.


* Includes one Fresh Salad Bag

* Measures 29 x 34 cm (11″ x 13″)

* Machine washable, tumble dry low

* Made of food-safe polyester and 100% cotton lining

* Handmade in Vancouver

* Long-lasting – lasts at least for 5 years

* Suitable for any type of vegetables

* Keep Vegetables fresh and crisp for 10 days in the fridge

* Makes cooking and eating healthy easy and fun



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    • Replace plastic bags effortlessly

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fresh sala bag - gogobags-vancouver-handmade-reusablefresh sala bag - gogobags-vancouver-handmade-reusableCitrus Fresh Salad Bag

Availability: In stock

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