Plastic-Free Month is HERE!

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Plastic-free Month Is HERE

July is Plastic-free Month! It is an honour to be associated to so many wonderful businesses who actually care about our environment. It is such an important goal to be supportive of the small businesses in our neighbourhood. This can help to further enhance the needs of the locals too!

First of all, we, at GogoBags, are so ecstatic to be part of the enthusiastic group of zero waste family. Secondly, we want to highlight a few of our first supporters. These local shops recognizes our zero waste vision and welcomes us into their shops.

Bird on a Wire Creations

So, Bird on a Wire Creations began their business 8 years ago. Amazingly, they, now, carry over 27000 gifts ideas. These one of a kind and handmade items are chosen for their creativity and fun designs. Local artisans and artists can share their ideas and feel respected here.

Port Moody Refillery: Refill those Plastic Containers

This shop is Port Moody’s first refill shop. The owners, Teresa Johansson and Julie Veres, promote the “sustainable lifestyle”. A wonderful refill shop that carries nontoxic products that you can refill with your own containers or purchase the ones there. They sell by the weight and you can save between 10-15% when you refill 1 litre or more. Therefore, you use less plastics and save money too. Another zero waste supporter!

Bluhouse Market & Café

Initially, Jennifer McCarthy, founder of Bluhouse Market & Café, opened her store in 2011 after she visited the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market. Hence, this place is a combination of a Market and a lovely organic café.
The menu serves:
• Crepes
• Smoothies
• Wraps
• Sandwiches
• Soups

Nourish Market Lynn Valley

Nourish Market Lynn Valley is a family-owned Market. Since 2011, owner, Jeff Proseilo, focuses on:
• Vegan
• Keto
• Paleo
• Organic
• Grass fed meat and dairy
• Bodycare

The Soup Dispensary and Kitchen Staples : First to Fight Plastics on Main Street

First of all, The Soap Dispensary is the first refill shop of personal care products since its doors opened in 2011 on Main Street of Vancouver. At the beginning, bringing your own containers to refill a bottle of shampoo seemed like a novelty toy. But, using reusable containers help reduce those plastic containers! Zero waste is the way! Some didn’t think it would catch on. However, here we are in 2019 and this shop is still going strong!

Which one of these stores have you visited so far?

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