Plastic-Free Awareness For Our Family and Friends

When I first brought my own recycle bags to buy my groceries or go shopping, people thought that I was being very weird. I was trying to increase plastic-free awareness about reducing single use plastics. Why would I want to drag around these reusable bags when I could just pick up a bunch of free plastic ones at the store? What a hassle!!

To be honest, it was my father who inspired me to do just that. He was quite frugal himself and grew up in an era where everything was saved to be reused. (He used to reuse those plastic bottles until I told him to stop and to use a decent reusable bottle instead.) It was a bit embarrassing when I was much younger, as it seemed so unnecessary. However,asย I grew older and learned more about the negative impact of single use plastics like those plastic bags and water bottles, I felt proud.


Ways To Inspire Awareness

Just talking about reducing plastic usage to your friends and family might not be enough. We need to be more proactive and use our actions to inspire them.

1) Bring your reusable bags and grocery bags with you when you shop with them. Lend them one when you see that the store clerk offers them a plastic one.
2) When you go out for dinner or meet up with your buddies, take a reusable take out and coffee mug to bring leftovers in. Bring an extra one to share with your friends!
3) As a gift, think about all the different types of zero-waste bags and containers that you can give to them. Pay attention to their reactions when you share your reusable containers. Each personโ€™s preference depends on their lifestyles.

Always remember that every single action taken towards being plastic-free is worth it!

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