Planning For Presents: Post-Halloween Preparations


Halloween is over and November is here!! Are you getting ready for the Christmas holiday season? Personally, as a busy working mother of two, I am constantly planning for different gift ideas for the Christmas gift exchanges. One of the life lessons that I convey to the younger generation is that Christmas is a time of giving and not receiving.

Presents Are Important: Reality Versus Ideal

1. Only expensive gifts are the best! Or is it?: As a very young girl, I did not have a lot of allowance to spend on all my friends and family. Every year, I would choose a craft to focus on and make handmade presents for my closest family and friends. For example, one year I received a knitting frame as a present. So, right after Christmas, I began planning to knit little trinkets for the coming year.
2. Built a list as soon as possible: As I got older, I was able to save up some money, but I still couldnโ€™t splurge on presents. I learned to start writing down a list of the people that I wanted to show gratitude to on Christmas. My list grew longer each year, but because I planned my list early in the year, I didnโ€™t need to worry.
3. Have a budget: For most of the people on my list, I would be able to interact with them on a constant basis. Therefore, I would ask them questions or pay attention to what the were looking for or needed to replenish. I would take a mental note. This mental note sometimes turned into a written note, so I could go back to it whenever I was shopping.
4. Be reasonable: Honestly, thereโ€™s no way that I could give a gift to everyone in my life, and neither could you! Send a heartfelt email or even write a Christmas card to family and friends is still a lovely gesture.

Now, we still have two more months to go, but donโ€™t worry!! Our upcoming blog posts will give you some ideas to inspire you!

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