No More Foam for the New Year


Another year has begun! A brand new start for the world! One of the best things that occurred in our community is the banning of foam take out containers right on New Year’s Day! What a wonderful 2020 it will be….

“The ban applies to all white and coloured polystyrene foam cups and take-out containers used to serve prepared food or beverages.” –Global News 

“Vancouver will become one of 100 cities in North America to ban foam, and the first in Canada.”-Vancouver Sun

This is wonderful news to us in the zero waste community! Styrofoam food containers do not break down easily and takes about 500 years to do just that. Can you imagine 500 years of single–use take containers sitting in a mountain of trash?


According to Wikipedia, there are also health risks that are associated with the usage of styrofoam containers. Microwaving these foam containers causes the material to melt and come into contact with the food. Have you noticed that the foam can melt when very hot food touched it? There are recordings of prolonged exposure to Styrofoam affecting the central nervous system, which is related the Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Foam Replacements

Here are some suggestions of what to do when you go to out to restaurants:

Bring you own take out containers. You can bring mason jars too, if you do not own specific food containers. Stainless steel lunchboxes and reusable double-walled bottles are great to use too!
No foam
Try not to order too much food. When visiting a restaurant, try looking at the menu beforehand and decide on what to order. That way, the smell and sight of the food from nearby tables can not influence your choice that much. Remember when you are starving, you tend to order more.


Banning Styrofoam is just beginning for our community. This is one step towards a wonderful and bright zero waste future.

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