My favourite gogoBags, if I can pick only one :)

What do you suggest? Which one is your favourite gogoBag? Most common questions I’ve been asked at farmers’ markets, craft fairs and trade shows. Can you pick a favourite child? I don’t think so. You love them all the same amount may be in different ways.

GogoBags are like my children. I was there every step of the way. Created them with care and love, picked every fabric imagining the bags in the hands of moms, dads, and children alike. Most of all, in every step of the way from imagination to production, I have you the end-user and our planet in mind with love.

So no, I can’t pick a favourite, but I can share which ones I use the most and how I use them.

Snack Sets

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These bags are the staple of gogoBags we started our like with them, and to be honest, we haven’t changed the design or the fabric type since we created them ten years ago. They are just a bit larger these days.

Now I use these bags a lot, and I mean a lot! We sent them to school every day, of course. But I have used them for more than just snacks to school. Here is a list of things I’ve used these in the past ten years:

  • Small change purse
  • Organizer tool for my children when they were younger. The would organize their tiny toys or small blocks in them to carry to a friend’s house or just to keep them separate. They each had different designs to make it easy for them to know what belonged to who
  • Road trip snacking system. You have no idea how many road-trips our bags been through. I don’t even get in the car without these bad boys. Each kid has his print of the bag in the car. During the car ride, they would pass their bag to the front to get it filled with fun and a variety of snacks that I’ve already bought and prepared in bulk. We saved so much on single-serving packaging. I can’t even count
  • As my breakfast-to-go bag. If you followed me on social media, you’ve seen pictures of it. Having breakfast is important to me, but I don’t always have time to have them before I have to leave the house. Over the years, I had so many breakfast sandwichs in my handy sandwich bag next to my coffee in the car.
  • A compost bag! Yes, you read it right. I even used them as compost bags. A sandwich bag can hold a lot of things in it. On picnics and out and about, we have a lot of snacks, healthy snacks like oranges and pistachios and other snacks that have peels or shells that are tiny and organic that we can compost later. Every family member has one of these bags next to them for their organic garbage. When we get home, we empty the bag in our compost bin and wash the bag as simple as that.


Fresh Bags


Ok, maybe I pick a favourite after all. These are my lifesavers. I always had a problem keep vegetables fresh in my fridge, and that would be a cause of friction between my husband and I. I love having certain vegetables in my fridge at all times in case creativity strike, and I like to create something new. There are a few vegetables that help me with a lot of salads and meal creations, like celery, mushroom, carrots, cauliflower, and herbs like parsley, cilantro, chives. These are the staples of my fridge and also the kind of vegetables that can wilt and be useless very quickly. Since the creation of the fresh bags, we haven’t had that problem at all, no friction too πŸ˜€

But I don’t just use the Fresh Bags to keep vegetables in the fridge. Although this is the main reason we created them and the primary use of these bags, I also use them for other things as well.


  • We keep raw avocados in the fresh bag in the fridge and take out one a day to prevent them from ripening all at once. It works like a charm
  • I have used them to prepare a few days worth of cut vegetables for snacking. Having them in the fridge in a fresh bag that written on,” I’m cut vegetables pick me first! ” next to a container of dip helps everyone in the family to choose a healthy snack in an instant.
  • I’ve taken them to package-free stores. Use them as a container to buy flour, tortilla chips, nuts, rice, pasta, you name it. They are lighter than any container and easier to carry with me.
  • Used them to make dehydrated herbs. Simply wash and dry the herbs with a tea towel, and transfer in the fresh bag, hang it in a well-ventilated location. Your herbs will dehydrate without losing their nutritional value due to heating or losing their color due to sun exposure. And you won’t use a lot of energy to do this. If you decide to use this method, remember to leave a lot of space in the bag, don’t fill the bag with too much herb. While the herbs are still very much fresh and not dried up yet, check the bags and share the herbs once a day or so, just to make sure the leaves are not sticking together to go bad before they dry up. This step is only needed for a few days until the herb is not fresh and looks dried up but not completely dehydrated, then you can leave it until you feel it’s dehydrated enough to crush.
  • At the moment, I’m experimenting with Bananas. I have a few bananas in the fridge in a fresh bag to see if I can slow down the speed of the ripening and go soft and black. We’ll see how it goes.

There you have it. These are the ways I use Snack and Sandwich bags and our Fresh bags. I thought I couldn’t pick a favourite, but in the end, it seems like my favourite is the Fresh Bags.

What is your favourite gogoBags?

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