March for The Empowerment of Women

Every March is the month of focusing on the empowerment of women. Coincidentally, I am watching a series of mysteries whose protagonist is a lady detective. This particular series happens in the 1920s, right after the First World War. Throughout the episodes, the topic of women wanting to work and being frowned upon for wanting to comes into discussion constantly. Here are some of aspects that I observed in these types of shows.

Positive Notes

First of all, the women who wanted to work outside the home, the sense of freedom was valued. As I observed each episode, women, especially married women were expected to stay home. Their main jobs were to care for the household and bear as many children as they could. Hence, having a job outside the home meant that they were not bound to the house!

Secondly, these women made their own money from wages. Therefore, they would not need to depend on their fathers or spouses for spending. They could now save up for the future for themselves.

Negative Vibes

Initially, these women, filled with empowerment, were overjoyed about their new freedom! Then, the resistance from both men and women began. The main issues that I observed were the concerns for household chores and disobedience. So, as the empowered women learned more about the world, the more they began to have their own opinions. These opinions were often contradictory in comparison to their upbringing.

At the beginning, their family and friends often just laughed at their โ€œuniqueโ€ comments and thinking. However, as time by, they became annoyed and as a result, even hostile towards these empowered women.

In conclusion, I felt even more empowered and very grateful for the freedom that I have now. But, we, women, still have a long way to go.


3 thoughts on “March for The Empowerment of Women”

  1. I love how you were able to pick out your positive and negative vibes. Shows a nice perspective on each side. Great post! You’re so right, we have a long way too go for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

    ..sorry it took so long to return the comment love, life got hectic!

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