Lunch Choices They Will Finish: Part Two

Hungry for lunch yet? After pondering on how to pack and what to pack those school lunches in, it is time to think about what types of food to bring to school! Oh, the anxiety and stress can mount up sometimes. What lunch choices are there?


In Part One, I briefly mentioned that as a parent, I noticed that fellow parents also were constantly asking around what each child was bringing for lunch. This was in hopes that these lunches would be eaten completely each day.

Two Important Tips to Get Those Children to Eat Their Lunch Choices

Here are two important tips that can help become more successful:


1. Grocery shopping with the children: To prevent meltdowns, the best time to go grocery shopping is on a full stomach. Do not go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. We tend to purchase food that is unhealthy when we go into the store hungry. ย This is a wonderful time to find out what the children are interested in and to have a chat with them about reading labels. It is a great way to involve them in choosing their own fruits and vegetables too!
2. Packing their lunch boxes themselves: Every night, you can hang out with them, and pack lunches together! They get to see you pack your lunch (yes, they will see what you are having for lunchโ€ฆ.) and you get to share a moment with them. If they decide to have some hot lunch, like soup or noodles, they can still pack their snacks with you. They can learn to pack their snacks in a more zero-waste way by using less plastic bags and disposable packaging.

As you can see, packing a lunch together can be a more pleasant and less stressful experience by turning it into a learning experience for both the parent and child. Naturally, it may take some time to get to know each otherโ€™s likes and dislikes. However, the relationship between the child and parent is worth it, right?

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