Kindness Is Key: Be Kind to Our Planet and Our People

What is kindness? According to the Wikipedia definition, “Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern and consideration for others”. Recently, some comments on our social media platform reminds us of an issue among the zero waste community. The Zero Waste Movement is a global movement and many people are at a different stage. That is what needs to be clarified.

Kindness Towards Our Differences

First of all, remember that some of us has been working on being completely zero-waste and garbage-free for a long time. For other people, they are newcomers to the Zero Waste Movement. Perhaps that person tells you that they are using a reusable take out container for their sushi, refrain from judging them for their choice of diet. Instead, you should congratulate them. Tell them that they are taking the correct step towards reducing single-use plastics. Encourage them by telling them to be proud of the choice towards being waste-free.

Secondly, being kind to our planet is very important. However, being kind to the people on this planet is just as crucial. Just because someone else’s diet includes some animal products does not give anyone to right to criticize them. There is no hierarchy among people when we talk about how much we are doing for the planet. It is not a competition, nor a place for belittling.

In conclusion, please remember that we are all living on the same planet. We are all working towards our better future. Every single action, no matter how big or small can make a difference in our world. Let us be kind and work together!

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