Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresher: How To Boost Your Immune System

Most of us understood that fruit and vegetables were important for our health. More specifically, fruit and vegetables helped to boost our immune system. However, did you ever wonder how these fruit and vegetables boost our immune system? Let us take a look at some common produce selections and their benefits.



Fruit And Vegetables Boost Immune System

According to SFGate, focusing on the different colours of the produce, they all have their own special benefits:

1. Orange and yellow: Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons have a high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is commonly used to help with colds and other illnesses. They contain many different bioflavonoids that help with inflammation too.
2. Reds: Cranberries, gojiberries and tomatoes fall into this colour group. Cranberries help with urinary tract infections. Goji berries help with the immune system by increasing immune cells called lymphocytes. Tomatoes contain lycopene that prevent immune cells from oxidative damage.
3. Blues: The anthocyanins in blueberries help to increase the amount of natural killer cells, which are a type of immune cells. Purple grapes are great to increase immune cells too.
4. Greens and Whites: Green vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and chlorophyll which help strengthen immune cells. White vegetables like garlic are know for being antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Storing Fruits And Vegetables

Since the lock down, it has been harder to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. It is not wise to pick up too much at one time as fresh produce can rot easily. When you leave the produce inside plastic bags, the moisture inside tend to collect and rot the produce. You may then choose to just leave the produce in the produce drawer in your fridge. This method can help to prolong them a bit longer. Ultimately, you most likely will lose your fruit and vegetables to the compost bin. There must be a better way! This is why cotton reusable bags help to save you time and money. Even when I cut up bell peppers, the cotton bags can help to them fresher for more a week!

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