International Women’s Day Donation Rally


To commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day, the gogoBags crew organized a Donation Rally for the North Shore Women’s Centre. Hence, this visit helped us get to know more about this amazing women’s centre.

According to the North Shore Women’s Centre website, “it is in North Vancouver, BC. Also, the North Shore Women’s Centre is dedicated to improving the social, economic, legal and political status of women. Which, in turn, help to encourage and support self-empowerment by acting as a resource and a catalyst for change, from feminist perspectives.

Also, NSWC ‘aim to provide women with access to resources and assist them with life choices, actively address violence against women. Hence, this includes ‘at all levels of the community, challenge sexism and discrimination in the community, and work towards the elimination of the feminization of poverty.’ The centre welcomes women and gender diverse individuals, including those who identify as trans, Two-Spirit, and/or non-binary.”

How ‘gogoBags’ Help To Carry Women’s Weight

First, the head of the our crew, Anahita, brought along a wonderful collection of our snack bags, salad bags and reusable tea bags to the centre on March 5. Second, many of the women who came to the centre were constantly on the go. Therefore, this women’s centre would be able to fill these bags with the products to be given to these women in need:

Shampoo (medium sizes)
Hair Conditioner (medium sizes)
Body Wash
Reusable bags (like ours!)
Rice in 2lbs bags
Canned vegetables
Healthy snacks
Non-perishable food
Gift cards
Professional Services

This North Shore Women’s Centre helped many women through the following programs and services:

1. Drop-in Resource Centre (computer, library, job postings, counselling, emergency food supplies)
2. Single Mom’s Support Group (peer support, child care, caregiver respite)
3. Basic Computer Training (That is to say that volunteers help teach basic computer courses like Excel, Powerpoint and social media, for instance.)
4. Family Law Clinic (To clarify, this service is for women with a personal income below $45000 after taxes.)
5. Girls Empowerment Summer Camp (Furthermore, the camp is free of charge and included meals and materials.)
6. Health & Wellness Programs​ (information, advice, treatments and classes; for instance, holistic health treatments)
7. Workshops (‘Women’s Health in Women’s Hands’ and ‘Women Connecting’ series, for instance)
As a result, as it happened, our visit to this amazing women’s centre, was an eye-opener! Therefore, women could do even more as group when we contribute to their donation lists.


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