How Mesh Produce Bags Helps Our Environment

The next time you visit your local supermarket, take a look at how many rolls of plastic film bags are placed around the fruits and vegetables. Each time a shopper decides to purchase some apples or oranges, they usually reach out and grab one of those plastic bags. After one use, these flimsy plastic bags are then thrown away. What a waste!! Storing your produce in these plastic bags also speeds up the rotting processโ€ฆ..Can you imagine all those pieces of plastics floating around in the ocean and looking like jellyfish? Poor sea creatures can mistake these pieces of plastics as their food source and suffocate. That is why mesh produce bags are so helpful to our environment.

There are many different types of bags in the market. I personally like ones that are very light and doesnโ€™t have any extra parts that can get in the way. Itโ€™s also better if the mesh produce bags have a good stretch to it. You can use the mesh produce bags for other things if they are stretchy.

Different Ways To Use Mesh Produce Bags

1) Shopping for fruits and vegetables: You can transfer the produce into a salad bag when you get home, so that the fruits and vegetables can last even longer.
2) Use the mesh bags for delicates in the laundry wash: All those delicate pieces of clothing can be protected by using the same produce bags in the laundry wash.
3) Toy organizer and storage: By collecting those small pieces of building blocks in the mesh bags, the child can still see what is in the bag, instead of losing them in a gigantic toy box.
4) Travel bag: As you get up from the beach, you can throw your sandy clothing into the bag, so the sand can fall out.

How many ways could you use your mesh bags?

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