Hostess Gift Idea

One of my favourite things in the world is giving gifts to friends and family and especially hostess gifts.

The hostess gift is full of mystery and energy. The hostess is kinda looking forward to it but really doesn’t expect it. If the gift turns out to be something they like, A BONUS!

I?m a bit specific on what I like to give as gifts. To me, gifts need to show my personality and how I care about that person and should be something the receiver actually likes to receive.That makes it kinda tricky, doesn?t it? Maybe a bit tricky but when you use common sense and put yourself in the receiver?s shoes you can get a good grip on what to buy.

Huffington Post has a very interesting “dos and don?ts” article on hostess gift which can layout a nice base for choosing your gift. Although I don?t agree with, where it says not to ever bring a cake or a food item to a party. I do that all the time and it?s well received, although I make sure my hostess knows that I?m bringing a dessert item or Appetizers ahead of time. This is when I go to someone?s house that I?m close to and have been to their parties several times.

It?s easier when you shop for someone you know at least a little or have been to their home so you know a little about their likes and dislikes and their taste.

Buying for someone you don?t know and going to their home for the first time is more difficult. And well, you can?t just show up with a cake. Technically you can but you shouldn?t, at least not in my book and as per Huffington Posts article πŸ™‚

Planning hostess gift

These are some of the things I consider when buying a hostess gift for someone I don?t know well.

  • Go with my likes and dislikes and tone it down a notch.
  • Avoid things that can turn into clutter and have no specific purpose. If I think that’s clutter most likely the hostess think that too πŸ™‚
  • Seasonal decorations need a storage space for the rest of the year and can be a problem for the hostess
  • Dishes are absolutely a NO for me. People who invite you to a party most likely have all the dishes they need. And let?s face it if you take a beautiful flower design dish to someone?s house who only uses white simple design it will be just too much of a miss match and they won?t use it. Best case scenario your gift will end up in a garage sale or will be re-gifted.

I?m a fan of those small and unique gifts something handmade and useful.

handmade hostess gift

My favourite hostess gifts list: (of course all of them are handmade :D)

  • Soaps (I go with earthy or citrus sents these are more subtle scents and can go with different decors)
  • Candle ( I would go with soy-based again subtle scents, you don’t want something strong)
  • Candles holders (I love the small natural looking ceramic ones)
  • Tea towels (Love these neutral colour with witty prints on it)
  • Air plants, most of them are uniquely designed
  • Something innovative and useful that may be new to them (good conversation starters too)
  • Coffee table book (this is a bit tricky though if I go with this I normally choose something that has a lot of nature photos in it)
  • Glass Coasters. (I would go with some neutral colours)
  • Last but not least I have to say it Fresh gogoBags. ( conversational starter and your hostess may end up throwing more parties when they see their work is half done the day before because of these bags)

You can find this kind of handmade gifts in handmade craft markets,?handmade gift stores, Amazon Handmade or from the links here. None of the links are affiliated, these are just products that I know the makers, like their products and/or, have used them for myself or as a gift for someone else.

My main strategy for hostess gift is SIMPLICITY!

I think any kind of gift should be practical and useful. The receiver should either eat it, use it, or at least be able to happily re-gift it πŸ™‚

Look for re-gifting post coming up.




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