Healthy Appetites for After-school Snacks

Appetites can be quite healthy after coming home from school, perhaps it’s time to look to some new inspiration for some tasty and healthy snacks for our after school little ones!

Start by looking around your kitchen first. Simpler and fewer ingredients make life easier for preparation, which means even the little ones can get some hands-on practice in the kitchen too. For example, an Egg and Avocado Toast or Almond Butter with Slivered Almond and Dried Cranberries Toast are great for heartier appetites.

Experiment with a healthy appetite after school snacks

Have you or your little ones tried other types of spreads made of sunflower seeds, or even sesame seeds? Most little ones have tried peanut butter already, so trying other kinds of butter can open new doors for tasty explorations!

You can also show them different types of bread they can use to make the toast. Remember that most schools are peanut-free zones, so trying different varieties can help make your snack boxes more exciting


For lighter appetites, they can try some Veggie Cream Cheese on Cucumber Slices or Garlic Parmesan Kale Chips. There are many different types of cream cheese (with and without dairy) that you can use as a topping for cucumbers, or for celery and carrots as dips. You may even look for different herbs to explore within the kitchen. Little ones can help mix in different herbs and spices, while they can explore with their senses too.


For those little ones with a sweet appetite, you can even try making some healthy banana muffins or bread. These muffins are low in sugar and uses no oil at all. You will be able to use up those ripe bananas! Plus,you can add more ingredients like spices to add to more variety!


Are you inspired now? You can start a conversation with the little ones when shopping for groceries with  a trip to your local library to discover some cookbooks and books about herbs to add to the recipes. This will help them make healthy choices for the future.








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