Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

This year has been a challenging and rather interesting year. Every Thanksgiving, I have a dedicated time to sit in silence and think of the things I’m thankful for in general and especially this year.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the blessing, especially if you were hurt. I know many have been hit hard by COVID. People have lost loved ones, jobs, and more. In general, as a community, we lost the mere stability which we took so for granted.

This year has been challenging, but we should know that growth always follows challenge. This year, we grew as a global community. For once, every country is dealing with the same issue and is united to help solve this global pandemic.

On a smaller scale, we grew personally and within our community. We know our neighbours better; help each other out more. We explored our neighbourhood and our own province for leisure, and we keep supporting our local economy. I am grateful for all the lessons this microscopic virus is teaching me and us every day.

Most importantly, I like to thank you, our beautiful reader, for your support during these unprecedented times. Every like, comment, follow, and purchase meant a lot to us; we did a little happy dance for each one πŸ˜€

Your trust and loyalty had touched our hearts, allowed us to be of service to our customer team members and create jobs when people needed it the most.

I am forever grateful for your valued support!

I hope that we could bring peace of mind, comfort, and a little bit of hope for a brighter future for our planet and humanity to you.

What are your grateful for this Thanksgiving? Spread the joy and share your gratitude in the comments.


Wishing a beautiful Thanksgiving for you and your loved ones!


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