Gogo Fresh Salad Bags Help Sustain Healthy Eating!


Let?s face it: it?s a lot of work to juggle two pre-teen kids, a dog, housework, a business and eating healthy 3 times a day. It takes a lot of time to wash and prepare those vegetables! And you have to do it every day or they go bad. I don?t believe in boxed, prewashed vegetables so there are no cutting corners in that department.

We made a huge shift and we are going strong with our healthy snacks and meals. Why? Because I?m using the gogo Fresh Bags to keep my veggies fresh and crisp for the week!


Now we buy all the salad greens and veggies we need for the week on the weekend. I spend about 2 hours washing and preparing them and then I put them in the? Fresh Salad Bags. I have a lettuce bag to store all the salad and tender greens: the Fresh Salad Bag, leaving enough room in the bag not to crush the leaves. Then I use another salad bag to store all the hardier veggies like carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.? Of course, celery goes into the celery bag and sometimes I fit my?fennel in there too.

I especially like that I can write on the bags with my children?s washable markers. I pick bright and fun colours and write down everything that?s in the bag and the date. Sometimes I use different colours to remind myself that there are a few different veggies in the bag.

During the week not only do I have veggies ready for us to snack on but I have washed fresh veggies to cook with too. I love mushrooms in my dishes but I didn?t use them often because it was a pain to wash them just before cooking. And most of the time I would soak them in water and then they would turn out kind of soggy. Now I wash all my mushrooms at once and store them in my Fresh Mushroom Bag while they are still wet (not dripping wet though). Knowing that I can pick out a couple of washed, beautifully firm white mushrooms later in the week makes my life easy and cooking pleasant.

What it comes to? Planning ahead and having the right tool makes a big difference and it doesn?t need to be a big production. It just needs to be?fun, simple, smart, and easy to sustain.

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