Gifts From A Zero-waste Heart: Valentine’s Day


So you have decided what to do on Valentine’s Day, and with whom…You may have invited one or more of your loved ones…. Finally, you ponder on the type of gifts that you can give to display your caring heart. There are too many disposable gifts that are made of plastic being sold during Valentine’s Day. Zero-waste presents do not have to be costly and can come from deep within  the heart.

Gifts For Adults

To be honest, some folks out there may believe that Valentines Day presents need to be expensive. Fortunately, zero-waste means better for both the environment and your wallet. Just because the present does not cost an arm and leg, doesn’t mean it doesn’t come from the heart.

Eating out at your favourite restaurant  can be very costly on Valentine Day. So, what can you do….

Think about taking your reusable grocery bags for a run and pick up some fresh produce. Make a simple, but heartfelt meal, then go for a walk. You can even turn this into a cooking- together date.

Gifts For the Young and Young at Heart

Instead of buying the typical prepackaged candies and Valentines cards, you can make some yourself with any level artistic level you prefer. Just remember to emphasize the usage of recycled decorative materials. You can also visit your local candy shop to purchase some sweet treats to fill up mason jars as gifts. You can purchase some pretty fabric scraps to tie as ribbons for decorations. What a sweet idea!


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