First Day of School Photo Precautions

First day of school….As you walk through the shopping centres around the city, one would see the different displays of back to school items. Most parents would be very excited about having their children start school again.

Back to school or first day of school photos were very popular every year. When you turned on your social media platforms during the first week, these first day of school photos filled up the screen. It was a joyous day to celebrate. However, very few parents actually thought about some of the precautions that one needed to take. These precautions focused on the social media account platforms that were public. If your account was private for your close friends only, then you wouldn’t need to worry as much.

First Day of School Photo Precautions

These following precautions were for first day of school. They would also be important for the rest of the school year as I noticed that there were many accounts which focused on the child (child models)and not the parent:
• No Names: I think pseudo-names should be used and name tags should be too.
• No School Name: Covering or blurring the school logo and not mentioning where the child went to school.
• First of the Day Boards: You could still use them. Just don’t put the two above names on it. You could choose to keep those in your private accounts instead.
• Back Photos: For more public accounts, I noticed that some parents would take a cute photo from the back, with their child carrying their backpack on their backs….

As a parent myself, I admit that I loved to share my prides and joy of my children. They also loved it when they contributed to something exciting. However, I preferred to keep them out of the public eye until they are older—-just to be on the safer side….

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