Feel Good and Be Resilient

The definition of resilient is : (a person or animal) who can withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. I believe a person is not born resilient, and it’s a learned skill. How do you become more resilient?

I was lucky to be introduced to The Law of Attraction at a young age of 18. Since then, I have learned and believed that we are not the victim of our environment and situations. We have the power to change anything and everything we aim to. The way I think about this is that I have the power to change my perspective and, therefore, my energy. This has proved to make me more resilient.

Obviously we can’t always change our exact situation. We can’t change something like the COVID 19 situation we are in right now, but we can change our reaction. We can stop and look for the silver lining in it.ย Doing so, we shift our energy. As a result, we will feel good and feeling good helps us think better and more positively. As Gabrielle Bernstein says in Super Attractor, it’s good to feel good.

Feeling good equals to good energy and attracts good energy. It just makes common sense, too; when we feel good, we can think better and make better choices, which results in better results.

Like most people, positive thinking doesn’t come naturally to me; I need to work at it. I do that by paying attention to my mood and how I feel. If I don’t feel good I consciously do things to make me feel goodโ€”kind of trick my body and mind to change my mood and feeling. When I feel good, then positive thinking will follow.ย  I am then able to find better solutions for my problems and, as a result, be resilient.

Here are a few things I do to pick me up and feel good when I’m down.

Listen to Music

I have a few different playlists, which I’ve created and added to them when I felt good and happy. They are there for me when I need to feel good immediately.

Meditation and Journalling

These two always happen together for me. I love journalling after meditation and always get a lot of insights from my journaling that way. Journalling is the fastest way for me to feeling good and finding solutions to my problems.

Clean and Declutter

This one always involves music. Whatever I’m worried about or overthinking about will be out of my mind for the duration of cleaning and listening to the music. Then I can come back to it with a fresh perspective. There is something about decluttering and cleaning that rewires my brain. I’ve read in books that your mind can make better decisions when your environment is clean and organized.

Cook like I’m a French Chef

This one is my absolute favourite and always makes me feel special and happy. It always works when I don’t feel like cooking too. There is nothing like sipping wine, listening to French Jazz music and cooking away. When I say cooking, I don’t mean to follow a specific recipe and to make it a chore. I mean, the kind that you go with your senses and feel the ingredients and create your own recipe.


Ok, so, normally this one rarely happens on its own. I do sometimes dance in front of the mirror for the sake of dancing. But when I want to make myself feel good, dancing happens when I’m cooking and cleaning and washing dishes or do whatever I’m doing. The music gets me going. When I’m done, I feel better, I’ve got some exercise done, and I can think better.


Being an entrepreneur, you need to be resilient, or you won’t make it. Feeling good is my trick to resiliency.

That’s it for me. What do you do to feel good?





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