Ecofriendly Holiday Stocking Stuffing Time


Origins of the Christmas Stocking

Hanging a Christmas stocking was commonly found many fireplaces during the Christmas holidays. Each family member had special one that was waiting to be filled by Santa Claus!

According to one legend, St. Nicholas (who many believed to be the original Santa Claus), attempted to give a impoverished family some gold to help them. At the beginning, the family refused, despite facing great hardships. Therefore, St. Nicholas threw in bags of gold into the familyโ€™s stockings that were drying at the fireplace.

Stocking Stuffer Problems

First of all, the modern day Christmas stocking stuffer typically composed of plastic trinkets for the little ones. Initially, the novelty of these plastic trinkets caused instant joy and happiness. However, this excitement wquickly faded. At the end, the adults of the family would find these plastic trinkets lost. Many hid under couches and furniture. Frustration escalated quickly…..

Stocking Stuffer Solutions

Here is a few are eco-friendly and reusable Christmas stuffers solutions.

  • Seed packets: Seed packets are great for little ones to discover about gardening. Imagine eating your own carrot!
  • Card games: Children and even adults enjoy games, but board games often are large to setup. Plus, they are not very portable. So, as a stocking stuffers, card games fit into the stocking too.
  • Scavenger Hunt: This is may take a bit of planning. You can walk around the childrenโ€™s neighbourhood. Then, you write down a list of items or buildings that the child may see. This activity helps the child to get to know the neighbourhood better too!
  • Thank You Cards: To be honest, most of the time, we are very busy with the daily activities that we may forget to thank our little ones. Imagine their smile when they read how you are thankful when they do their chores or help others!

Finally, in regards, to the stocking itself, itโ€™s time to look for ones with sustainable fabrics and made by local artisans to support local small business, agree?


24 thoughts on “Ecofriendly Holiday Stocking Stuffing Time”

  1. Thank you so much for the tips! These are definitely unique ideas, and I love finding new ways to help reduce waste :)

  2. I think these are some really good ideas. There is so much plastic these days! I like the idea of putting in a pack of cards or doing a scavenger hunt.

  3. This is such a great idea for a post! I don’t normally do Christmas stockings, but I would absolutely be guilty of filling it with plastic without even thinking about it! These are really great alternatives x

  4. This is such a lovely post – and some great ideas!
    It’s certainly true about the ridiculous amount of plastic, especially during this season. These would make such thoughtful little fillers as well as eco-friendly.
    Really enjoyed this, thank you!

    Chelsea | twoofamind.com

  5. Wonderful stocking stuffer ideas, especially the seed packets! Native seeds are great, too. Other eco-friendly items we’ve added to stockings include mini-books about nature (knowledge about the natural world is important), wooden toothbrush, wooden eating utensils, metal drinking straws, Fair Trade chocolate and locally made treats.
    Happy Holidays!

  6. Some great festive ideas! I think trying to gift eco-friendly and reusable items is much better than using more plastic. Anything to help the environment and future generations is important. I also love your seed idea, not only are we encouraging to not waste resources, but we also encourage children to plant new life and get them more involved with nature.

  7. These are some really good ideas. I’m trying to be more eco friendly this Christmas and these are some great ideas for stocking stuffers. Thank you!

  8. This a great list of alternatives! I am going to be referring back to this shortly! I am very guilty of filling my kids stockings with plastic, that get lost all over the place. Awesome ideas!

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