Eco-Resolution for New Years


Another New Years is coming up! Are you ready for New Years 2019? Have you been thinking about what you want to improve or change for next upcoming year? Do you normally have New Years resolutions? Let us brainstorm on some New Years resolution ideas that can benefit our environment!

Eco-Resolution for Change

  • Bring your own reusable cups for coffee and water.
  • Use reusable mesh produce bags to buy fruits and vegetables.
  • Tea drinkers can use reusable cotton tea bags for their loose organic teas.
  • Try to use as much of your fruits and vegetables and compost the scraps left.
  • Skip plastic wrap and use mason jars and try beeswax wraps like Abeego instead.
  • Contact your bank and utility companies to send their bills electronically instead of paper bills.
  • When you go out to eat, bring your own forks, knives, spoons and even your own personal straws. Store your utensils in one of our GogoBags storage bags to keep organized and clean.
  • Remember the local library in your neighbourhood? It’s time for you visit it for some current magazines and books, instead of purchasing them impulsively at the supermarket check-out.
  • Are you into fashion? Check out the thrift shop and consignment stores that carry luxury secondhand purses and shoes for quality luxe items.
  • Imagine purchasing some bulk ingredients and make your own all-purchase cleaners and natural body butters and then sharing them with friends!

Benefits of Changing

  • Save money: – buying items in bulk means paying less for packaging and less trips shopping.
  • Stay healthy: – As long as you plan ahead, you are able to have more control of your time and less sudden purchases of packaged foods. When you make your own body butters, you can control the ingredients and choose more natural ingredients.

There are so many ways to help care for our environment and especially, ourselves and our loved ones. Do you have any ideas that isn’t mentioned above?


14 thoughts on “Eco-Resolution for New Years”

  1. Great ideas, Especially the utility bills. I have been meaning to contact them. It would be so much easier to recieve it all via email. Plus it means not wasting so much paper and having stacks of it! Have a fab New year. X

  2. Some great piece of advice! I like the way you relate something this important to New Years resolutions. Lets make 2019 a better year for our planet!

  3. I have been thinking about purchasing one of Starbuck’s cups.
    I do some of that but most of the restaurants I eat at have normal, reusable silverware and we save all that we get from fast food restaurants.
    I have bought stuff to make household cleaners, I’ve experimented with making cloth wipes and stuff like that, wanted to cloth diaper but our apartment doesn’t have washer/drier hookups and I couldn’t find the bath tub washer people told me about years ago.
    Those are good ideas, My husband and I bought steeping cups from Teavana (not sure what they are officially called), there are no bags involved- they have inserts inside that you put the tea in instead.
    When I can think of it, I have a bunch of re-usable bags I take when I go grocery shopping. It’s a lot better than using tons of plastic bags and I donate most of my magazines (I have 4 or 5 subscriptions) to places that offer magazines in waiting rooms.

  4. I need to make more of an effort to use my soy wax wraps (great alternative to beeswax ones for vegans!) and always remember my reusable cup! Happy new year x

  5. Wow, such great tips for the new year! I wrote a couple down that I’d like to try myself for the new year. Thanks for sharing -Michelle xo

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