Easter: How to Zero-Waste This Season

Are you noticing the different types and assorted kinds of Easter season candy and decorations? The most obvious places are the supermarkets and gift stores. We must not forget about those low cost convenience stores, like dollar stores too!

No matter what you believe in or not, and no matter what ethnic background you are, spring is about new beginnings. It is about new life and happiness. It is a happy time to share with friends and family.

I remember as a little girl, boiling eggs and colouring the hard boiled eggs with my non-toxic crayons. That is very unlike what we have nowadays. Look around and you see all these plastic eggs. There is so much plastic products that are used once and you throw away immediately. How wasteful!

Be a Zero-waste Easter Bunny!

Let us think about some ways thatโ€™s we can have fun and reduce the amount of waste produced:

  • Candies: Looking for candies and chocolates that are wrapped in foil. Foil can be easily collected and rolled up in order to be recycled afterwards. If you do receive any candies or chocolates in plastic wrappers, collect them and take them to recycling. In British Columbia, our local London Drugs take the soft plastic wrappers for recycling. Ask your local recycling depot for more information.
  • Egg Hunt: Firstly, instead of purchasing a new plastic basket, you should reuse wicker baskets or reusable cloth bags to collect your eggs. Secondly, avoid using the plastic disposable eggs to fill with your candies. Look for wooden ones or reuse those from previous years, if you already have them. To be honest, searching for real eggs is everything most genuine egg hunt, right? Hence, you can turn this into another wonderful family and friend event by making Easter eggs!

Regardless of your background, Easter is a lovely time to gather with friends and family. Are you planning to do anything this Easter?

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