Do It Yourself Christmas Decor

Since I was a little girl, I enjoyed making my own Christmas gifts and decorations. At school, the students would be asked to make our own Christmas crafts. Do It Yourself Christmas projects were everywhere.

Do it yourself

One of my most memorable Do It Yourself Christmas décor projects was the year that our family had to move into a small basement, while awaiting to move into our new home. My mother said that we could not put up our huge Christmas tree as there was not enough space. The ceiling of the basement was just not tall enough. I was so disappointed. My mother was a very creative person. She quickly looked around for some green construction paper. Folding and cutting, she made a paper Christmas tree and stuck it to a wall in the living room. Then, I remembered I was cutting up small circles to be the ornaments on our Do It Yourself Christmas Tree. We also cut up a lot of paper snowflakes to decorate the place.

Even as an adult, I enjoyed making my own Christmas decorations. The best part of making these decorations was spending some quality time with the children.

Do It Yourself Christmas Decor Ideas

Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

1. Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen: You can collect those empty toilet paper rolls and glue cotton balls to cover them up like snow. Then, make some eyes and arms by using old magazines. You can cut out images of hats too!
2. Christmas Card Décor: Start keeping those old Christmas cards from previous years. I especially love the ones with family photos printed on it. You can hang them on your tree as ornaments.
Do it yourself
Can you make out those finger shapes?
3. Waving Hands Christmas Wreaths: Trace the hands of your family members and attach them in a circle, starting from the outer circle and working your way inwards. Then, add some sparkly stickers or cut out some Christmas –themed images to your wreath. You can then reuse a ribbon from a previous gift to end the final touch.
Do IT Yourself
I kept this piece of ribbon to reuse.

Have you made any Christmas décor by hand?

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