Dessert Ideas Fit For The Holidays


December is a month that is often filled breakfast, brunch and dinner parties. Most of the time these gatherings happen a pre-booked locations where the guests just need to show up. However, sometimes the guests are invited to the host’s home. It may or may not be a potluck, so the guest may be expected to bring a dish or dessert.

Dessert Idea Number One: Is This the Best Vegan Apple Crisp Recipe Ever

Photo Courtesy of Westpoint Naturals


This apple crisp recipe appears on Westpoint Naturals blog. It is a vegan recipe that uses cinnamon, oat flakes, and coconut oil and other healthy ingredients. I notice that there are gluten-free and organic ingredients in the list. The prep time takes 20 minutes and baking takes 60 minutes.


Dessert Idea Number Two: White Chocolate Matcha Holiday Rum Truffles

Photo Courtesy of Whisk Matcha


Do you like matcha? Matcha is a type of antioxidant green tea that contains a high level of L-Theanine. L-Theanine helps with mental focus, which is a great asset during the busy holiday season. This truffle recipe from the blog post of Whisk Matcha does not require any baking at all. But, it does require some melting and combining of the ingredients in the microwave or double broiler.


Dessert Idea Number Three: Christmas Cookies

Photo Courtesy of British Columbia Mom


There are fifteen different easy Christmas cookie recipes that one can make to bring to parties or even give away as homemade gifts! A local mommy blogger, British Columbia Mom’s blog compiles an extensive list of cookies from different bloggers to make it easier for busy people to choose. She collects both baking and non-baking recipes.

Have you seen anything that interests you? There are so many delicious sweets to choose from!! Which sweet recipe is the one that you like the best? Please share with us if you decide to make any one of these!

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