Celebrating Norouz In Quarantine

It’s the first day of spring. The air is soft and the sun is shining, birds are chirping. The Earth is celebrating its rebirth. ⁠
Last night was my New Year, Persian New Year, Norouz, Spring Equinox. If it was another year, I would be out with my family visiting our extended families and friends and celebrating with them. This year is different, my husband and I together with our two teenagers are in two weeks quarantine in our home. We just came back from a spring break vacation in Mexico and now for the safety of others, we are in quarantine.  And it should be that way.

This year we are celebrating through social media and video chats. Paying a virtual visit to our family and friends. Can’t say I love it. But I’m so grateful for the technology these days. As human beings, we need to stay connected to continue living and the technology will let us do that for now.

Norouz has a special place in my heart. I think it actually has a special place in everyone’s heart in the northern hemisphere. Not because it’s Persian New Year but because it marks the first day of the spring. No matter what is happening in the world you just need to look out the window and see how nature is rebuilding and rebirthing and recreating. No virus or even human being can take that away from the mother Earth. Right on the clock, it starts a new cycle, starts over and starts rebuilding and creating. Together with all the birds and animals, we celebrate that with or without knowing it.

In the light of COVID19 my 15 years son said something that really stuck with me, got me thinking. He said ” Isn’t it scary? As the human race, we think we are on top of the chain and we still can’t figure out how this tinny little virus works. We think we know so much but actually we don’t”

Mother Earth knows it all. Look at it with or without COVID19 Norouz happened the flowers are blooming, nature is continuing the course, we are stuck at home, figuring out this new way of life until there is a solution.

To mother earth, you found a way to keep us indoor and heal yourself :)⁠

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