Celebrate Halloween the Zerowaste Way

Halloween is just around the corner, are you planning to celebrate Halloween the zerowaste way? Looking for ideas how you can some  fun, while making less of an environmental impact on our environment? Here are a few ideas that can help you and your family have a zerowaste Halloween celebration!

Refuse and Replace

During Halloween, there tends to be a lot of plastic utensils and packaging because those are so-called convenient. Look for compostable materials that are made from natural materials in your serving utensils. Time to lay out washable ones and label them with your guests’ names for a more personal touch!


What is Halloween if there isn’t any trick-or-treating? There are many zerowaste alternatives to the regulars and typical candies that you can hand out this year. Let’s start thinking!

First, are you a traveller? Hence, handing out an assortment of extra coins and foreign stamps from your yearly vacations is so much more interesting!

Second, are you an avid gardener? Likewise, imagine sharing your joy of gardening with your Halloween visitors with seed packets and polished stones.

Third, do you love a good crossword puzzle? Roll some puzzles or word games up with a pencil or colouring pages with a crayon for different ages of Halloween boys and ghouls!

Fourth, are you doing some scrapbooking on your free time? Take a look at those fun stickers too!

Moreover, all of the above Halloween goodies are great for everyone, including the little ones with allergies issues to many of the candies and treats out there. You can decorate your Halloween mansion with a teal pumpkin to let little ghouls know that there are allergy-free trick-or-treat goodies for them too!

If you have little ones at home, trick-or-treating means walking about your neighbourhood to collect some fun goodies. Therefore, to reduce the overwhelming amount of treats that you may not want in your home, why not map out your route on a map beforehand? Most importantly, this can reduce the chance of conflict with little ones regarding when to go home.

Trick-or-treating bags are promoted at local stores every year. Why not decorate your own cloth bags or  eco-friendly shopping bags to collect the treats?


Most people choose the easiest way to dress up on Halloween, is to purchase some readymade costume from the local store. However, that costume can quickly be disposed of after one use.

In contrast, planning a zerowaste costume takes some creativity and a bit of time. A visit to your local thrift store can give you a huge treasure trove of materials. Consequently, you may want to choose a couple of ideas before your visit.

Hopefully, by now you will be inspired to have a Zero-waste Halloween!

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