Camping 5R’s

Camping 5R’s

Summer holidays are here!! It is time to plan for your next camping trip! In our beautiful province of British Columbia, with our rolling mountains and crystal clear lakes, campers from many places enjoy their stay. Have you ever pondered about the amount of waste and garbage that can accumulate at the campsite? Well, that is a reality at the campgrounds. After each visit, typically, there will be bags and bags of waste all mixed up with compostable or food waste left at the campsite. What a nightmare!

The Campfire Collective recommends campers to follow these guidelines:
• Rot
• Reduce
• Reuse
• Recycle
• Repurpose


First of all, remember those food waste? Try to reduce food waste by preparing the food well beforehand and store in reusable containers. Secondly, look for a compost bin at the campsite. Do not leave food scraps around which can attract wild animals.


While shopping for hot dogs, burgers, and other foods for the barbecue, try to purchase these at the bulk section or the deli section. This can reduce the amount of extra plastic packaging. Remember to bring your own reusable shopping bags to the farmer’s markets. Reusable sandwich and snack bags can be used for hiking trail mixes too.

To avoid plastic wraps, pick up some beeswax reusable food wraps. If you have any plastic food containers, don’t waste them! Keep reusing them for camping needs.

Recycle while Camping

One thing you and the little campers can do is to collect the cans and bottles that other campers may have left behind. You can either take them to the recycling depot yourself or even donate them to the campgrounds. However, some of the campgrounds are run by different groups that can benefit from the recycling. So, donate these on them is best.

Repurpose Camping Equipment

Firstly, you do not need to go out and buy new camping equipment each time. Secondly, just remember to search for good quality tents and camp chairs. Well made equipment can last a long time. Cheaply made ones can break even after one use. Thus, creating more waste! Lastly, you can also ask around to borrow or swap with friends to help each other.

Have you went camping yet?

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