3 Lessons I Learned in 2020

There is a lesson in everything, we have learned to walk by falling, we learned to talk by making meaningless sounds as children. Somehow along the way, it became not so cool to fall and learn and mumble things, not sure why. I tend to find a learning, a lesson in everything, I guess that […]

Easy and Quick Christmas Butter Cookies

I have a confession to make, I’ve never done Christmas cookies with my children when they were younger. They are teenagers and this is the first year that I made Christmas cookies from scratch. It was a lot of fun for me to watch my daughter and her friend decorating the cookies, and decide on […]

A Tradition Worth Keeping 

Canadian Makers Market (CMM) was created out of the pure joy I feel from helping others! This year especially, I wanted to help others have a better holiday season so I pursued an idea that had sparked in September. It was one of those grand ideas; you know, those ideas that become so persistent in […]

2020: A Different Kind of Holiday Season

Have you put up your Holiday decorations yet? I have 😀 Any other year, I would wait until at least the first of December to decorate my house. This year however I was ready since August, I’m ready to add some joy and light into my life and feel the magic of hope, and I […]

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

This year has been a challenging and rather interesting year. Every Thanksgiving, I have a dedicated time to sit in silence and think of the things I’m thankful for in general and especially this year. Sometimes it’s hard to see the blessing, especially if you were hurt. I know many have been hit hard by […]

How to transition From One Career To Another

About ten years ago, I made the most significant transition of my life. I went from a service-based business to a product-based one. I can’t say the transition was easy; I had to do a lot of deep work and soul searching to make the move. COVID has forced a vast majority of people to […]

What to Do with the Excess Grape Tomato From The Garden

It’s almost the end of a beautiful tomato season and every year we get more grape tomatoes than we can use, this year I came up with a quick and easy recipe to be able to use these delicious fruits well into the winter. It’s a twist on the roasted tomato, since I didn’t have […]

Feel Good and Be Resilient

The definition of resilient is : (a person or animal) who can withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. I believe a person is not born resilient, and it’s a learned skill. How do you become more resilient? I was lucky to be introduced to The Law of Attraction at a young age of 18. […]

5 Easy Swaps For A Greener Kitchen

I’ve started my eco-friendly journey from my kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of every home and where most of our waste is created therefore the faster way to a low waste lifestyle starts from the kitchen. I’m the last person who does something hard to keep up with. My greener kitchen choices are things […]

5 Tips for Neighbourhood Engagement Towards a Greener Community

One positive thing that came out of this pandemic it forced a lot of us to know our neighbors better. During the quarantine and even now a lot of senior citizens were relying on their neighbors to do their shopping, something that normally wouldn’t happen. Now we can take that connection and build a greener […]

5 Hygiene and Safety Tips on Cloth Face Mask – 2020 School Year

Schools are starting soon, and parents are concerned about the safety of their children. There are a lot of unknowns, and like everything else in 2020, we are all learning as we go on. Some of us are trusting the system and sending our kids to school, some with cloth face masks and some without. I know […]

Back To School Plan in Pandemic

Here we are again almost at the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. Do you have a back to school plan? I love summer so much so that I purposefully leave all my back to school plans and shopping to the last minute. I just like to be in denial […]

Refreshing Summertime Beverage

It’s one of those hot summer days and my to-go drink is always a cold refreshing glass of Sekanjabin drink. Which is basically a mind n vinegar syrup drink. This is a traditional Persian drink one of the oldest recipes that were passed on generation after generation. We don’t know exactly how old the recipe […]

Eco-Parenting – Raising Earth Friendly Kids

Parenting is challenging on its own. Now eco-parenting is even more challenging. I found it more overwhelming to raise my children to be waste-free and eco-friendly, but the idea of raising them to be more Earth Friendly was doable. The best kind of parenting is to model and be an example for your child. That […]

My Secret To Easy Waste Free Picnics

Maybe not this year, COVID kind of threw us off our routine and plans for this summer. But we are a road trip kind of family. Every summer we go camping at least twice or three times which includes a short road trip going and coming back plus a road trip to Okanagan. We have […]

The Importance Of Plastic Free July 2020 During The Pandemic

July is here and so is the Plastic Free July.  We are halfway through the year, the best time to review our goals and see if we are on track. 2020 has been an unusual year so far with the ongoing pandemic. Our way of life has changed dramatically. To avoid spreading the COVID 19 […]

5 Simple Ways To Preserve Summer Fruits From Going To Waste

We are one week into summer and it’s getting exciting. I love all seasons, I love walking in rain and snow in fall and winter and love the rebirth of nature in spring but summer is something else. It stands out for me, gives me more energy than any other season. Maybe it relates to […]

5 Socially Distant Father’s Day Activities

This blog post seems to be the most difficult one I’ve ever written. How do you show appreciation for a lifetime of wisdom and sacrifice? I’ve been struggling with this for a few days now. I know what to do for my husband, but for my dad, that’s something else. I have trouble deciding on […]

Money Saving Tips In The Kitchen

A friend of mine once said to know how to save money in the kitchen is key to a comfortable and successful life. I tend to believe her, the kitchen is the center of every household around the world and how you work in the kitchen and spend money in it will determine your household […]

We believe in a clean future – Easy Plastic-Free Swaps to consider.  

So many of us all over the world are trying to figure out the best course of action towards maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle. These unprecedented challenges have created a new approach to how we use what we need and how we discard what we don’t. If you were on a waste-free path prior to the […]

DIY Soothing SPF Face Serum

One thing I learn from the pandemic is that being zero waste enthusiast and knowing a lot of DIY comes quite handy when you need to stay home and not every services and stores are open. I have to say my self-care and beauty routine has not changed because of the pandemic. I use beauty […]

Gardening for therapy – Part 2

Happy Mother’s day!! One of my reasons for writing a 2 part blog post about gardening was to lead to Mother’s day and emphasize the necessity of us moms do something that gives us pleasure. As moms, most of the time, we put the well being and happiness of our children and everyone else before […]

Gardening a form of therapy! Part One.

It’s May!! I love the month of May, not just because I was born in May because you get to feel the change in the weather and our nature. The flowers and vegetables are in bloom. It’s just beautiful, don’t you think so? And May has always been the start of my gardening season. Not […]

My favourite gogoBags, if I can pick only one 🙂

What do you suggest? Which one is your favourite gogoBag? Most common questions I’ve been asked at farmers’ markets, craft fairs and trade shows. Can you pick a favourite child? I don’t think so. You love them all the same amount may be in different ways. GogoBags are like my children. I was there every […]

Is Pandemic easier on Eco-friendly lifestyle?

Earth day is upon us. I think this is the first time in many years that Earth is getting what it deserved. Kind of a break from us. Due to COVID 19, a lot of countries put a restriction on travel and advised people to stay home. That means less gas emission, which already proved […]

Back to basics with simple pleasure of life in isolation

These days I’m trying so hard to set an example for my children. I want them to see how we can be complete, get back to basics with simple pleasures of life in isolation. We are so used to this fast paste life, it’s hard to slow down and just be present. Once I mentioned […]

What COVID 19 Stands For Me In Quarantine

So it’s been at least a minimum of two weeks of quarantine and social distancing for everyone in Vancouver. How are you doing? Anyone else thinks that they are stuck in the Groundhog Day Movie? Have you decided what COVID 19 stands for you? I’m normally a positive person and on purpose stay away from […]

Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresher: How To Boost Your Immune System

Most of us understood that fruit and vegetables were important for our health. More specifically, fruit and vegetables helped to boost our immune system. However, did you ever wonder how these fruit and vegetables boost our immune system? Let us take a look at some common produce selections and their benefits.   Fruit And Vegetables […]

Celebrating Norouz In Quarantine

It’s the first day of spring. The air is soft and the sun is shining, birds are chirping. The Earth is celebrating its rebirth. ⁠ Last night was my New Year, Persian New Year, Norouz, Spring Equinox. If it was another year, I would be out with my family visiting our extended families and friends […]

International Women’s Day Donation Rally

  To commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day, the gogoBags crew organized a Donation Rally for the North Shore Women’s Centre. Hence, this visit helped us get to know more about this amazing women’s centre. According to the North Shore Women’s Centre website, “it is in North Vancouver, BC. Also, the North Shore Women’s Centre is dedicated […]

Inequality Amongst Women

This upcoming Sunday will be International Women’s Day. This year’s International Women’s Day, the focus is about “Celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility, while calling out inequality.” As I glanced back into the past, women had done so much and had achieved so much for us, modern women, to enjoy. Let’s talk about childbirth. It […]

Bags That Saved My Leafy Greens

Growing up in a household that loved eating leafy green vegetables, I observed they were left in the open for customers to pick what they wanted. Nowadays, plastic bags kept many of these leafy greens separated by bundles and prevented customers from picking freely. Sadly, these plastic bags also sped up the yellowing of the […]

Our World And Its Food Waste Situation

To begin, some very disturbing numbers appear as one looks at the amount of food wasted on our planet. Most people rarely think about how much food they throw out each day. According to the statistics of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, one-third of our food in the world is what we […]

Avoiding Food Waste at Home

    Although we are not able to control the amount of food waste at the restaurants, we can at home. Reducing food waste is better for the environment and for our pockets too! As we see in the media, a lot of the food in the food supply is often discarded. Hence, we, as […]

Canada’s Approach to Food Waste

After doing some research, it is comforting to know that Canada actually has a plan to reduce food waste. Unfortunately, we often see a lot of good food go to waste because it’s “ugly” shape or simply discarded when they just pass their expired date! Food Waste Reduction Ideas Food Loss and Waste Strategy for […]

Plastic-Free Awareness For Our Family and Friends

When I first brought my own recycle bags to buy my groceries or go shopping, people thought that I was being very weird. I was trying to increase plastic-free awareness about reducing single use plastics. Why would I want to drag around these reusable bags when I could just pick up a bunch of free […]

How Mesh Produce Bags Helps Our Environment

The next time you visit your local supermarket, take a look at how many rolls of plastic film bags are placed around the fruits and vegetables. Each time a shopper decides to purchase some apples or oranges, they usually reach out and grab one of those plastic bags. After one use, these flimsy plastic bags […]

Canada Aiming For Plastic Ban In 2021

  Banning all single-use plastics like plastic bags, stir sticks, cutlery and straws by 2021 is the goal for our country, Canada. This is great news to our zero-waste community. Following the banning of foam containers in the city, many of the businesses have already switched over to using cardboard take-out boxes. Some may notice [...]

Five Facts of Plastic Pollution

  According to Wikipedia, plastic pollution is, “Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles (e.g. plastic bottles, bags and microbeads) in the Earth’s environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans.” Unfortunately, many of us have been living in a society where items are disposed very quickly, from fast fashion to […]

No More Foam for the New Year

  Another year has begun! A brand new start for the world! One of the best things that occurred in our community is the banning of foam take out containers right on New Year’s Day! What a wonderful 2020 it will be…. “The ban applies to all white and coloured polystyrene foam cups and take-out […]

Boxing Day: What To Do

How was your holiday season so far? The end of the year is coming up, now what do you have planned for the next few days till New Year’s Day? Are you ready for Boxing Day? Ever wonder about the history behind Boxing Day? There are a few few theories. Historical Theories According to the […]

Dessert Ideas Fit For The Holidays

  December is a month that is often filled breakfast, brunch and dinner parties. Most of the time these gatherings happen a pre-booked locations where the guests just need to show up. However, sometimes the guests are invited to the host’s home. It may or may not be a potluck, so the guest may be […]

How to Use Wish-lists and Support Local Small Businesses

  How do you like to do your Christmas shopping?There are so many different ways to search for the perfect gifts. Christmas wish-lists are often utilized by well-meaning friends and families to make life easier by telling them exactly what they wanted to receive. However, these list can also become a burden to others. These […]

Five Fabulous Christmas Activities Happening In Our Neighbourhood

December is here! The Christmas holiday spirit is very apparent throughout our city. However, I am sure that there are a lot of different fun activities that are happening in your city too. As a parent, December can be a very expensive and stressful time. First of all, many parents are doing a lot shopping […]

Make A Gift Day: Time To Make One Today

  Did you know that each December 3 is Make A Gift Day? This unofficial fun holiday reminds us that handmade presents are excellent ways to add some personal touches and save some money too! As I mentioned before, I made most of my presents by hand. As an adult, I would shop for great […]

Holiday Party Zero Waste Inspirations

  December is just coming around corner. Are you pondering what to do this holiday season? Are planning to host a holiday party yourself or visiting a friend’s home as a guest? There are many things to think about… As with any gathering, holiday parties are notorious for producing a large amount of plastic waste. […]

Do It Yourself Christmas Decor

Since I was a little girl, I enjoyed making my own Christmas gifts and decorations. At school, the students would be asked to make our own Christmas crafts. Do It Yourself Christmas projects were everywhere. One of my most memorable Do It Yourself Christmas décor projects was the year that our family had to move […]

Special Ways to Save Money for Christmas

  It is too late to feel regretful about not starting to do your Christmas shopping early. What can you do? No need to panic. It is only November, and there is still some time left. There are special ways to deal with this. Besides the lack of time, the other issue is the concern […]

10 Easy Ways To Reduce Food Waste

October 21 to 27 was Waste Reduction Week in Canada. They dedicated a day (Friday, Oct 25th) to Reduce Food Waste. Did you know Canadians throws out 175 Kg of food every year? Most people talk about the damages of food waste on the environment and the overall economy. Not that many talks about the effect of […]

Planning For Presents: Post-Halloween Preparations

  Halloween is over and November is here!! Are you getting ready for the Christmas holiday season? Personally, as a busy working mother of two, I am constantly planning for different gift ideas for the Christmas gift exchanges. One of the life lessons that I convey to the younger generation is that Christmas is a […]

Jack o’ lantern Carving : How to Use the Pumpkin Seeds

As I was picking up the children from school, I noticed that some of the younger ones were carrying around different sizes of pumpkins. The students told me that they had just visited the pumpkin patch that day. What fun!! Did you visit your nearby pumpkin patch yet? For the past few years, my children […]

Leftovers From Thanksgiving: What To Do

Thanksgiving Day was this past Monday for us up in Canada, and many of had a wonderful feast. Each family celebrated this feast in a different way. Traditionally, there would be a turkey with bread stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables and tons of gravy. Then, dessert would be pumpkin pie. This day would […]