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Christmas is coming! Are you focusing on finding the perfect toy for the little ones? Are toys the main focus of those Christmas wish lists? Unfortunately, many of these trendy toys are often quickly forgotten. They are cast aside and left to gather dust balls. It is time to be creative and look for more ecofriendly Christmas gift ideas!

Gifts of Experienceย 

Gifts of experience do not involve any toys, but instead utilized different materials as part of the gift.ย 

  • Subscription boxes: You can print out a picture of the subscription box and wrap it up. Print out the information about it so the receiver knows what to expect. For example, greenbox is great for eco-friendly inspirations.
  • Magazine subscription: Another great idea for friends that live a bit farther from you is a magazine subscription to their favourite one. Little ones will enjoy magazine subscriptions like Chickadee or Owl Magazine.
  • Postcards: Are you an avid traveller? Instead of collecting little toys from your travels, you can collect different postcards from different places. Perhaps even visiting the local post office to see if they have any used stamps….Or purchase some special edition ones to bring home.
  • Journals: Look for locally made or stationary that uses recycled or upcycled materials.ย 
  • Music: Look for a cute USB ( looks like a toy) and you can make your own playlist for a little ones dancing party on the go!

Gifts of Time

Gifts of time are gifts that help inspire us to make more time for connections. We are often so busy at our work and jobs nowadays.

  • Conversation Starters: First, you can upcycle a mason jar. Then, you search online for some conversation starters. Write them down on some recycled paper and fill up that jar.
  • Go on a Date: Plan to go on a date once month to a new ice cream parlour, bowling alley or watch a movie.
  • Coupon book: Coupon books are the best for special details like getting to stay up 30 minutes later or what to choose for your next dinner!

Remember that the most important thing about presents is actually being present yourself . That is the main focus of this Christmas holiday.


12 thoughts on “Beyond Christmas Toy Lists”

  1. Love, love, LOVE this! I don’t buy toys as Christmas gifts for other people’s kids. I buy books. Our boys grandparents often gift them experiences- memberships to places they love. They just don’t need a ton of toys!

  2. This is a great post. I think that so often people get caught up in the material things for Christmas that we always forget that even the small things like time and experiences are just as precious. Awesome post.

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