Benefits Of Snack Time For School-Age Kids

No matter the age, children need to snack regularly, especially when they are in school. Snack time can double as a bonding time and cool off time for kids after school as well.?Of course, type and time of snack are very important. You don?t want to serve snack very close to mealtime or a type that can fill up your child quickly.

Why I love snack time after school

  • Making sure they get all the nutrition they need

    Let’s face it, many kids are not receiving the daily nutrition they need. Here is why and what makes snack time after school even more needed.

    1. School-age?kids are always on the run.
    2. Most of them rush through breakfast.
    3. Some don’t care about the snack at recess. You don’t snack when you can run πŸ˜€ right
    4. Lunchtime is a social time for many of them including both my lovely children. Although one eats and talks the other only talks. Not gonna reveal who is who or I’ll have to pay for it later πŸ˜€
    5. Younger kids eat in small quantities at a time and may not receive the nutrition they need.
    6. Mealtime is just too serious for some, talking about the picky eaters.
  • Getting to know them better

    Snack time is kind of bonding time between me and my kids. They don’t know this though;) When kids get older their whole life is around their friends. Mine are in grade 7 and 5 now and they barely open up about their daily interaction with peers and friends in school. Snack time is my personal time with them. We sit around the dining table and as they eat and work on their projects they start talking and telling stories about what happened in school, in class, and with their peers. I listen and if I can bring in an example of my life and how I dealt with the situation perfect if not I will be just a listening ear. It comforts me to know and be part of their life even when they are not with me. And I think it is important to them to know that they get heard without judgement. Although I work on that without judgement thing a lot.

  • Establishing a calming habit

    These days kids are busy with friends, sports, and their devices. All the extracurricular activities?outside the home and busyness of life are kind of getting into them. If they are not in a program or something they are rushing to do something else or play on their devices. Gone are those lazy days that we used to get bored and talk our heads out and get quiet and settle down. I think our kids need to be able to come home settle down and be quiet for a while. Snack time can create a calming time for a kid to just sit settle down and get ready for the rest of their day.

  • Creating a positive study habit

    Let’s face it most kids don’t like homework time, and they don’t get much either. Although I understand the benefit of free time at home and not obsessing over homework, I believe it is very important to create the habit of studying on your own at home. They may not need it in elementary?but for sure they will benefit from the habit in secondary school, university and even life. I know I’m not afraid of long work days and hard work because I’ve done this as a kid in school. I’m wondering how our kids do when they are in real life and sometimes have to go through an 80 hour a week.

So in general well-balanced snack after school is very beneficial to your child’s nutritional intake, connection to you, mental and habitual health


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